Discover the hidden secrets that can guide YOU and millions of people in finding Love, Personal Greatness and Enlightenment.
We feel great Potential inside us. Many people are Seekers, but very few bring their true Potential into embodied reality.

Everybody is looking but so few find it. It is a dream unfulfilled.

It’s a yearning, we can imagine it, we can feel it, we can taste it, but we just don’t know how to get there!

WHY do we keep missing the point?

We are approaching the essence of our Fullness through the ‘wrong’ door. We have exiled the most important access point to our power, to our aliveness, to our intelligence, through just one aspect of our Being.

‘You try to squeeze light into your parched Being from a source as fruitful as a dried date pit, that even a bird is wise enough to spit out,’ is what the Sufi poet Hafiz tells us.

Let’s explain what we mean!

There is something so obvious, so powerful and so close to us that we overlook it completely. Even when we tell you what it is, you’ll hesitate because there is a huge veil of cultural misinformation around it.

By itself, this quality wants to nourish all parts of our lives! But if we narrow it down, if we exile it into one part of our life, it will show up as a shadow quality causing a lot of pain in our world.

It is EROS that is the power that drives and nurtures our whole society, and indeed, our very existence.

Eros contains all of the wisdom, all of the power, all of the intelligence, all of the strategy, all of the capacity that you need to live a successful, meaningful, alive, and gorgeous existence.

Eros is not just in the sexual! Eros being interpreted as only about sexuality is a profound misinterpretation, and when we stay stuck in that narrow definition, it limits our life force and creativity, blocking us from leading an inspiring and successful life!

Saying ‘My life is very erotic’ is not the most obvious way to express the fact that you have an inspiring and successful life!

Eros is not just an expression of limited physical sex. Eros is the core nature of every moment of reality. LIFE ITSELF IS EROTIC! Reality itself is erotic!

We need to liberate Eros from its exile to the sexual, and thus liberate its energy for us to experience in ALL aspects of our lives!!

It is the Liberation of Eros that is our purpose at the Mystery School of Love this summer in Holland, July 26 to August 2.

This summer…

…God – Goddess Willing…

…our Mystery School of Love will have two hundred Seekers

reclaiming Eros from exile, expanding their capacity for Love, Creativity and Success in Purposeful Living.

We are going to…

with the Grace of She…

…change the source code of Eros in the heart of the Kosmos.

We will be… with total humility and total audacity… loving each other outrageously… a think tank on the outside… and a band of outrageous lovers in our interiors!!

Those of you who know Marc know that he likes to call this…

“A vision of the patterns that connect, that catalyzes the evolution of love.”

Marc Gafni:

‘We will engage Pleasure and Eros in a whole different way.

We will move beyond shame in a way that works across the memetic code.

Or as I said to beloved Ken Wilber, summarizing our dialogue this week on Integral Sexuality:

“What is shame but pleasure which stops short of infinity?”

Or as one master said about fear, “What is fear but love that stops short of infinity?”

And… This will be the first European Annual Integral Wisdom Conference … Wow!!!!

We are honored to invite YOU to the
3rd Summer Festival of LOVE!

And the First Annual European Integral Wisdom Conference on
Love, Eros, and Enlightenment.
July 26th – August 2 at the Venwoude Retreat Center in the Heart of Europe
The first two years of our International Festival of Love, at the wonderful Venwoude Integral Practice Community in Holland, were so surprisingly alive, deep and groundbreaking, that we cannot continue our journey without letting YOU know what we are up to this year. We are especially inviting you, being in one way or the other part of the Integrally informed Community.

The Festival of Love has grown from 80 to 150 participants and now we are ready and prepared to hold 200 people. Without exaggeration we can say that the Field of Love and Holding that emerges from this Festival is profound. People reported after both events that they experienced deep states of awakening that lasted for weeks and/or a profound deepening of their insight.
Start each day with the morning practice of your choice: yoga, mondozen meditation, breath work and bodywork, if you want to start your day energetic. Or take a quiet walk by yourself in our stunning woodlands.

The combination of deep Dharmic space, opened in the morning and held by Master of the Heart Dr.Marc Gafni, a variety of great workshops, with great teachers in the afternoon, an invitation to exercise in pairs during the day, has in the passed two years been the great igniting force to an open heart, a clear mind and a natural flow of love among all that are joining.

The night-times will also come alive and will be high energy experiences created by dance-master Kareem, the rhythmic kick-ass-Tom-Baur-Band, musicians, artists and DJ’s. (A new special event will take place on several evenings which we want to keep a surprise for you!)

Add to this, small family gatherings, the possibility of individual sessions, massages, a hot tub, awesome and healthy organic food, beautiful nature, dance parties and musical events!

Don’t miss being part of this once a year International Summer Event of the Mystery School of Love.

Information and Registration

(Early bird until May 1st)