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Planetary civilizational crises require planetary-scale solutions at the level of culture. Key to the future is a World Religion that unites the great truths still dormant in the many profound wisdom traditions. At the same time, World Religion is the culmination of the Neo-Perennialism of CosmoErotic Humanism, which seeks to clarify the core structures of value and meaning that make human civilizations possible.

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World Religion Books Published

Radical Kabbalah (2-Volume Set)

by Dr. Marc Gafni (President of the Think Tank)


by Dr. Marc Gafni (President of the Think Tank)

The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation

by Barbara Marx Hubbard (Former Chair of the Think Tank)

The God Problem

by Howard Bloom (Senior Fellow of the Think Tank)

Religion of Tomorrow

Ken Wilber (Co-Founder of the Think Tank)

Integral Spirituality

by Ken Wilber (Co-Founder of the Think Tank)

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

by Ken Wilber (Co-Founder of the Think Tank)

Your Unique Self

by Dr. Marc Gafni (President of the Think Tank)

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