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Modernity told a story about the universe as a material clockwork that has been discredited. Science and philosophy have moved past the meaningless and reductive universe stories that have dominated the public culture during the last century. A New Universe Story can now be told – and telling it is one of the task of CosmoErotic Humanism – integrating advanced science with new readings from the depths of religious cosmologies.

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Universe Story Books Published

More Universe Story Books Forthcoming, e.g., The Universe: A Love Story—First Meditations on CosmoErotic Humanism—In Response to the Meta-Crisis Volume 1-5 by Dr. Marc Gafni & Barbara Marx Hubbard with Dr. Zachary Stein (Forthcoming)

A Return to Eros

by Dr. Marc Gafni & Kristina Kincaid

The Mystery of Love

by Dr. Marc Gafni (Available)

Universe Story Books Published by Our Partners

Conscious Evolution

by Barbara Marx Hubbard (Former Chair of the Think Tank)

Evolution: The Great Synthesis

by Ervin Laszlo (Senior Fellow of the Think Tank)

The God Problem

by Howard Bloom (Senior Fellow of the Think Tank)

The Relevance of General Systems Theory

Edited by Ervin Laszlo (Senior Fellow of the Think Tank)

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

by Ken Wilber (Co-Founder of the Think Tank)


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