Our Events Are Our Dharma Labs

At the Center for Global Philosophy & Religion, we are mainly focused on writing the Great Library of CosmoErotic Humanism. Our Events are a place where these new source code changing First Values and First Principles get clarified by being spoken into our shared Evolutionary We-Space. That is how we each participate in the creation of this New Story of Value.

Our partners participate with our think tank in evolving a global ethics for a global civilization. Together, they are gathered under the umbrella of the Office for the Future. Last but not least, they foster our Live Community by offering a beautiful and caring environment for us to meet, study together, celebrate, and practice. As one participant put it, they give us “a taste of an enlightened society.”

Eros Mystery School

We are coming together to experience the future…

We live in a world of outrageous pain, and the only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love.

At Eros Mystery School, you learn how to become an Outrageous Lover, live from your Unique Self, and contribute to a better world, evolving the source code of culture. Become a world innovator and serve the emergence of a new humanity. Prepare for a radical shift. Change your life. Change our world.

Mystery School: 21 – 25 August 2023

Mystery School at the royal castle in Belgium in 2023: a live five-day sacred retreat to taste, know and embody Eros as the experience of radical aliveness!

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This year’s theme:

The Erotic and the Holy

The Twelve Faces of Eros

The Twelve Gates of the Erotic and the Holy


Become the CosmoErotic Universe in person!

Both an online international community as an in-person retreat at the royal castle in Belgium, Europe

Experience the pulsing heart of Kosmos in this alive, passionate Band of Outrageous Lovers, a community of pioneering likeminded souls ready to participate in the evolution of love!

A group of powerful people coming together to take their seats at the table of history and make the radical shift to awaken as Homo amor, the fulfilment of Homo sapiens.

We offer both an offline in-person retreat, as well as a hybrid online experience. If you are unable to travel to Europe, the online experience will provide you with the same deep, radical field of connection and Outrageous Love.

The offline in-person retreat will be held at our Belgium Castle De Heerlijckyt!

The Mystery School is an evolutionary educational platform, that acts as a source of both renewal and inspiration, as we combine our individual transformation with taking an active stand in the world, for the healing and transformation of the collective whole. It is intellectually challenging and spiritually incorrect. It stands out from the spiritual clichés and speaks truth to power with laughter, delight, integrity, and “Outrageous Love”, a core term in Unique Self Theory and in CosmoErotic Humanism as developed by Dr. Marc Gafni.

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Watch a Featured Clip from Our Weekly Podcast One Mountain, Many Paths:

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One Mountain, Many Paths is a weekly transmission of timeless and evolutionary wisdom, aggregated through the ages, distilled for today’s great, and terrible realities.

We must drink deeply from the most relevant sacred insights about our human and spiritual nature in order to wake up and grow up into our own maturation and greatness as individuals. From here we can show up collectively to embody the new era of humanity and unlock our most thriving future.

Dr. Marc Gafni and the late Barbara Marx Hubbard have devoted their lives to articulating the most precise, impactful integrations of sacred teachings throughout history so we can each show up to One Mountain and leave enthralled by our oneness, purpose and potential!

While there are many paths up ‘the Mountain’, ‘One Mountain, Many Paths’ is devoted to revealing the mountain itself, and this leads to profound, transformational insights that will leave you more empowered to step into your personal purpose as a creator.

That’s why we always say in our services:

We are a church, a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, a zendo…we’re all of it. No one is excluded, everyone is included… and we come together to attune to the evolutionary impulse awakening within us… WELCOME HOME!!

Your first step of engagement is to opt-in with your name and email to receive access to join our interactive One Mountain LIVE broadcast weekly, as well as receive the weekly message by email when you are not able to attend live.

Every ​SUNDAY 10:00 AM PT

Register to receive the Zoom link and the replays afterwards.

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Evolutionary Spirituality: Towards an Engaged Evolutionary Mysticism
Watch the Replays of the First Episodes HERE

Evolutionary Spirituality: Towards an Engaged Evolutionary Mysticism

Arguably our most significant interpretive framework for the nature of reality is the modern scientific discovery that the world and the universe are not, as the ancients believed, static or cyclical. The universe, and everything in it, is evolving. Cosmic and biological evolution are foundational truths of existence, and the implications are profound and multi-dimensional, extending outwards in every direction. In the 21st century, the context for any path or practice of enlightenment must surely embrace this knowledge and perspective. It is perhaps the most important shift in our understanding of enlightenment in the 2500 years since the Buddha first attained it.

Andrew Cohen and Dr. Marc Gafni are pioneers in the field of evolutionary spirituality, each with their own unique perspective on this newly emergent tradition. They share a strong foundation in an evolutionary approach to spiritual awakening, while emphasising distinctly different but intersecting dimensions of the path and practice. Both Marc and Andrew have produced pioneering bodies of work in this field, and formulated many of its core tenets. Their teachings uphold and demystify the foundational principles of traditional, modern and postmodern wisdom streams, weaving them together into an integral whole, and ultimately pointing toward a new evolutionary mysticism – what might even be considered a “religion of tomorrow”.

The aim of these dialogues is to celebrate the creative and dynamic evolutionary tension between these two perspectives – to catalyse awakening to higher states and stages of consciousness, giving rise to liberating insights and life-affirming perspectives in a unique tapestry of coherence and meaning, and an inspiring example of emergent spirituality in action.