The Center for World Philosophy and Religion

The vision of the Center is a world united in and through diversity by a New Story of Value that dignifies humanity and welcomes us home to the Universe. We imagine a world that keeps the sacred covenant between generations guided by a memory of the future. Our hope is that our writings and teachings will serve to catalyze a now necessary reweaving of the human story. We call this New Story CosmoErotic Humanism.

CosmoErotic Humanism is a world philosophical movement aimed at reconstructing the collapse of value at the core of global culture. Much like Romanticism or Existentialism, CosmoErotic Humanism is not merely a theory but a movement that changes the very mood of Reality. It is an invitation to participate in evolving the source code of consciousness and culture towards a cosmocentric ethos for a planetary civilization.

CosmoErotic Humanism addresses three core questions: Who? Where? What?

  • Who am I? Who are we? [Narrative of identity]
  • Where are we? [Universe Story]
  • What is there to do? What do we want? What is our deepest heart’s desire—both personally and collectively? [Eros and ethos]

This movement is a strong, fluid, and emergent response to the meta-crisis, fundamentally understanding that existential and catastrophic risks are not just rooted in flawed infrastructure (technological and other systems), social structure (law, education, politics), but primarily in failed superstructurespecifically the collapse of an implicit, shared worldview, what we call a shared Story of Value rooted in evolving First Principles and First Values as a context for our diversity.

The core of CosmoErotic Humanism is therefore a new Story of Value rooted in First Principles and First Values that integrates the validated insights of the interior and exterior sciencesacross premodern, modern, and postmodern thoughtultimately recasting cosmic evolution as a Story of Value, in which our stories are understood to be chapter and verse in the larger narrative arc of Realitythe CosmoErotic Evolutionary Love Story of the Intimate Universe.

These evolving First Principles and First Values embedded in a Story of Value are grounded in a comprehensive set of meta-theories, encompassing psychology (and a theory of self), epistemology, scientific metaphysics, education, ethics, theology, mysticism, sexuality, Eros, and ethos.

CosmoErotic Humanism offers some of the first words on the possible emergence of world philosophies and world religions adequate to our time of civilizational crisis and transformationrooted in a universal grammar of value as a context for our diversity, weaving humanity into a shared story of inherent yet evolving Cosmic Value.

A core set of frameworks guide this work, including:

  • Integral Theory (Wilber)
  • Unique Self Theory (Gafni)
  • meta-psychology (Stein, Gafni)
  • educational theory, developmental theory, and metrics (Stein)
  • classical sciences (Bloom)
  • anthro-ontological value theory (Gafni, Stein, Wilber),
  • metaphysics of Eros (Gafni, Kincaid, Stein)
  • and Conscious Evolution (Hubbard, Gafni)
  • among others.

From these emerge a New Story of Value rooted in First Principles of Cosmos.

It is our mission to offer this New Story into the world during this critical junction of history. The Center is dedicated to the creation of an integral planetary culture, capable of guiding humanity through the current evolutionary crisis. The publication of the Great Library of CosmoErotic Humanism in the coming decades serves this mission by advancing an integral worldview that is truly inclusive of premodern, modern, and postmodern truths.