actualize_peopleActualize: The Source Code of Success

We are delighted to report that the Actualize event, “Actualize: The Source Code of Success,” led by Eben Pagan and Marc Gafni this past January 23-27, 2013, was itself a smashing success. Eben said, “At this event, we were able to take things to the next level.”

Participants reported deep experiences of awakening, evolution, and transformation. A field of meaning, entrepreneurial creativity and deep dharmic insight were woven together in what turned out to be an event that surpassed all of our very high expectations in preparation for this gathering.

Eben brought to bear his profound understanding of entrepreneurship, creativity, and marketing. Eben entered the stage, gathered the tribe, and gave deep transmission as the great pragmatic philosopher that he is. Marc transmitted deep structures of new evolving consciousness” maps of Pleasure, maps of Self, and a vision of Outrageous Creativity and Outrageous Love. Marc and Eben’s teaching literally danced together in a higher integration, producing a dazzling experience of interior awakening, a vision of the patterns that connect, and a glimpse of what might be yet to come in the evolution of consciousness.

Two major themes ran through the entire event. The first, in Eben and Marc’s language, “Actualize is a memory of the future.” This was a theme returned to again and again. Accessing the memory of our potential future as the strange attractor drawing us to the evolution of our Highest Self.

The second theme articulated by Marc and Eben was the Democratization of Enlightenment, and the Democratization of Greatness as the next step in the evolution of Love. It was a great event, and the ripples are still now being felt wide and far, all over the globe, with new creative projects being born, new relationships formed, and new seeds of emerging consciousness planted in the fertile soil of Actualize.


Many people have asked whether there will be an Actualize event next year. Our answer”¦ It’s too early to tell. It might not be called “Actualize” because we never do the same thing twice, but there will be a next step. The tribe will gather again to take the next emergent step required, demanded and invited by the evolution of Love.