During the last couple of weeks, the CIW team has been busy preparing our full public response to the smear campaign against Marc Gafni that started just over a year ago on December 25th.

Last week we finally launched our new site WhoIsMarcGafni.com.

Please take a moment to check out this new site dedicated to setting the record straight on the smear campaign against Marc Gafni and to addressing the meta issues involved here.

Who Is Marc Gafni?

>> Check out WhoIsMarcGafni here <<

We also ask you to watch this video from our beloved Co-Chair Barbara Marx Hubbard sharing her story about the origins of the most recent smear campaign:

Finally, please watch this incredibly vulnerable and courageous unscripted video that Marc Gafni recorded just a few days ago: An Invitation to Dialogue and Transformation. This invitation to dialogue sets the tone and context for the response.

View the extensive video library here that includes full responses to almost every aspect of this smear.

There are exciting new articles by thought leaders from our think tank addressing specifics of the smear and its overarching topics.

This series of unpublished articles by Marc sets the record straight in direct response to some of the key distortions that have been put in the public space.

We do not view this work as in any way separate from our core work at the Center for Integral Wisdom or the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Indeed understanding how to evolve love in the way we fight, how negative memes are spread in culture, how to transform our we-space, how to establish truth, integrity and kindness in the public arena, how to spot malice and demonization, how to take appropriate responsibility and apologize….These are the vital themes and memes necessary for the emergence of a new vision of meaning and spirit.

In response to our public response email a couple of days ago, we have received hundreds of gorgeous emails. We are so touched by and grateful for the level of commitment to truth, integrity and the evolution of love in public culture that our community is devoted to.

We are literally in awe… here are just a few of these words:

“I believe, that your lifting up this one example of “a human problem” of these times, helps so many people begin to realize that we are talking about age-old patterns developed without benefit of spiritual insights, much less guidance. Those who have eyes to see will get it and begin to look for these patterns that are pulling us all down. Thankfully, more and more “good people” will see and recoil in realization.”

“This is good stuff to get into. But boy it must be difficult!! Marc must have a Soul Path that has to go through this so we all can learn. If anyone can get through this, Marc can.”

“The best were persecuted in the name of Truth. … It matters not who does internet smears, has email lists or a divided mind. Those who are here to BE the ones will mid-wife progress, no matter what, and will find each other and succeed because it is so. Thank you dear, sweet Barbara for your willingness to guide us on the front lines with ease and grace and in dignity and wisdom.”

“Thank you, thank you. I had not heard of Marc Gafni, and so appreciated listening to one of his talks. What a teacher, what an evolutionary, what enormous energy and spirit….enough love fuel to fire any rocket into space and beyond!”

“I am deeply touched by Marc’s words, his humanity … Thank you for creating this open forum to let us know the truth and to become aware of what is going on, to be vigilant.”

Our intent is never to attack or make wrong. Every word on this website has been carefully reviewed by counsel. Our intent and purpose was rather, to set the record straight with facts and to reveal our understanding of the hidden dynamics lying behind the facts.

From the perspective of the Center, the smear campaign has spoken in almost fifty blog posts and several articles. We have responded with the necessary missing information and distinctions to set the record straight.

The intelligent and loving public that is willing to read beyond confirmation bias, with an unguarded heart, now has enough material to make their own evaluation. That was our goal.

The Center feels that because we have been attacked and have suffered because of the attack, that dealing with this issue around Marc as a model for restoring integrity to the way we do conflict, is our ethical obligation. As the expression goes, “We are prepared to go to the mat on this one.”

Therefore, the Center has adopted a NEW POLICY OF RESPONDING within 24 hours to any further claims or attacks that contain false information, distortion or omitted information which creates false impressions in the public space.

We will respond with full information, documentation, and transparency. We will offer a first response within twenty four hours through the public channels we have set up and then respond appropriately to the fullest extent of the law.

At the same time, now that we have offered our response into public culture we are always prepared to walk away. We will not initiate new rounds of this drama but we will respond decisively.