imgres-1“Mystic philosopher Teillhard de Chardin writes, ‘The farther we penetrate into matter by means of increasingly powerful  methods – the more we are overawed  by the interdependence of all the parts.’  In the beautiful image of Mahayana Buddhism,  speaking accurately for the Kabbalah as well, the universe can be likened to a vast net of jewels–the reflection from one jewel contained in each. In the words of Isaac of Homil, and countless Hebrew mystics over the ages downing whiskey in European shtetls or running ecstatically through Jerusalem’s ancient streets, ‘Alt is Gud v’Gud ist Alt — All is God and God is All!’

“The best image to describe the kabbalistic universe comes from mathematics in the form of fractals. Each fractal consists of all the other fractals.  What this all means is that the universe is erotic, an interconnected web of relations whose parts are only defined by their relation to the whole. Literally, we are living in, housed in, an ever spinning world-wide web!”

from Dr. Marc Gafni
The Erotic and the Holy