God in the first person is the experience of God flowing through you. God flows through you not by your denial of your unique perspective, or what Carlos Castaneda and many teachers influenced by him referred to as your  “personal his-tory” ”” rather, your unique perspective is precisely the place in which you the  human being meets and embraces the divine. Thus, God in the first person according to the Hebrew wisdom masters is realized not through generalized meditation which effaces one’s unique perspective, as is usually thought to be the case. Rather, it is accomplished by what Lainer of Izbica calls Berur – literally, clarification or purification.  Berur is a mystical technique which can take many forms, including meditation. The core of it, however, is that through Berur you merge with your  radically unique perspective.  This is your unique face.   It is only through the embrace of your unique perspective that you are able to transcend your narrow human perspective to embrace a divine perspective.

Book of Tears
Marc Gafni
Pages 10, 11

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