Love is a radical redrawing of boundaries and complete revisioning of the whole notion of self-interest.  A revisioning is, of course, a deepening of perception.  The truth is, we all know that our narrow definition of the self–closed behind the walls of the ego–is not our highest truth.

The underlying metaphysics are really quite simple.  We are made of divine substance.  This is the homo imago dei that biblical myth speaks of, which teaches us that every life is sacred.  “There is no place devoid of Him,” writes the Zohar.  “I am the light that illumines all things.  I am all.  Split a piece of wood and I am there; pick up a stone and you will find me there,” teaches the Gospel of Thomas.  To love is to perceive the infinite divinity in everyone and everything.

The Mystery of Love
Dr. Marc Gafni
Page 309