The ultimate model for reality is the divine. The most central teaching of the Kabbalah is that God’s highest gift to world is to receive the human being as a partner in the perfection of the world. God allows himself, as it were, to need us.

This is God’s ultimate gift to humanity.  It is therefore not at all surprising to learn that the very word Kabbalah means to receive – for to receive in imitation of God is the highest level of giving – and is thus the most profound form of spiritual service.

A friend and colleague tells a wonderful story about going to a class in Kabbalah. The teacher handed him an apple. He stretched out his hand to take it. No, said the master withdrawing the apple. This process repeated itself several times until my friend finally understood. Instead of stretching forth his hand to take the apple he cupped his hand to receive the apple. And this is the essence of Jewish mysticism – to be a vessel, Kabbalah, to receive.

Certainty and Uncertainty
Dr. Marc Gafni