Uniqueness is not a concept! Unique Self is a quality of presence that shows up when the ego is set aside””even temporarily””and our deeper being and becoming emerges in all of its resplendent beauty. When someone shows up in their Unique Self, you are aroused to love them and intensely desirous of being loved by them. In Christianity this exercises itself as the personal relationship with Jesus Christ that so many sectors of Christianity understand so profoundly””and which is so derided by New Age teachers caught in the impersonality of so much misunderstood Eastern teaching.

In Hinduism the goddesses hold you in radical personal embrace. In classical Judaism the G-o-d loves you and knows your name, while in Sufism and Kabbalah she is your most intimate erotic partner. None of this is dogma. It is the first and second personal realization that the interior face of the kosmos is the infinity of intimacy. And it is the revelation of the infinite, who yearns to love you personally and uniquely.

Dr. Marc Gafni
Your Unique Self
page 92