The mystics teach us that to access the erotics of being – the fullness of ourselves in every moment – we need to first linger in the emptiness for a time. To resist filling up the emptiness with quick hits of pseudo-eros. This is the secret of dance. The move between emptiness and fullness. “Dance me to the end of love.”

The truly great dancer – like all lovers – flows with the fullness of being. She trusts the universe. She knows she will always fall right so she allows herself to fall into the erotic rhythm of life. To do so she must first empty herself to receive the flow.

The dance of the Hebrew mysteries is the movement between emptiness and fullness, void and eros, absence and Shechina.

To dance with the Shechina is to live and love erotically in all the arenas of our lives – beyond the merely sexual. Eros is to live the life of a lover in every room of our being. That is what it means to be holy. Eros is to open your eyes and see for the first time the full beauty and gorgeousness of a friend. To be fully present to what is.  It is to smell the richness of aroma, and to feel the fullness of throbbing desire, to taste the erotic Shechina experience that connects you with every being. It is to feel the palpable love which dissolves the walls of ego, anger and anxiety.

The worlds of music, dance, and, most of all, orgasm, allow us glimpses of our higher reality. Here again the sexual models the erotic. The erotic being the experience on the inside of reality, where all of being yearns for connection and every living thing knows that it has a patch called home, which is part of the great quilt of the universe. Love is the Eros of connection – the underlying interdependence of things, the bond between all living things, the emotional ether in which we all live.

The Erotic and the Holy
Marc Gafni

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