Welcome To Our

**Bohemian Soiree of Inspiration and Opportunity to Co-Create**

We’re going to acknowledge and celebrate who you are by giving you a magical evening of surprise…of dharma..of music and food and wine and connection.
Strategically designed to bring some of the best in the Bay Area together to meet, to be celebrated and inspired, The Outrageous Acts of Love Dharma Parties are dedicated and created for folks like you doing amazing work in the world.

Tbird Luv, Marc Gafni and The Center of Integral Wisdom along with a collective of dharma angels, created this special event to celebrate your life and all that you have inspired through your work…your ideas…your projects and the way you interact with those who you encounter.You never know who is watching!

It is an INVITE ONLY private gathering of lovelies and badass movers and shakers from social innovation..social justice..technology and business…the performing and healing arts and spirituality.

We are a network of Evolutionary Solutionaries on a Love-alutionary Mission.

Get some impressions here:

If you’re someone who is about fierce contribution and taking action to make our lives and the world We live in A GREATER Place – then you are an Outrageous Lover.

You and what you inspire in your community is beautiful.

Highly inspirational and contagious, We synergize our collective talents and energy under one roof to inspire OUTRAGEOUS acts of LOVE in response to the OUTRAGEOUS pain in the world.

Symptoms Include:

  • Ecstatic sensations of bliss
  • Bursts of uncontrollable delight
  • Out of the blue dynamic creative insight
  • A sense of belonging and celebration

All will be inspired under the influence:

  • To self organize and establish working partnerships
  • To instigate collaborations between aligned partners, players and participants under the umbrella of Dharma
  • To create viral Outrageous Acts of Love Globally
  • To experiment and explore creative ideas between us
  • To Play and have FUN together
  • To create Dharma Parties in various cities

Tbird Luv & Dr. Marc Gafni
Photos courtesy of Lily Dong

Our guest list is five star! We will make sure that you will have plenty of time to network, get to know one another and get your groove on!

With over 100 people who attended our Jan. 11th event ~ we had such a powerful response that we have gathered in The Bay Area once again on April 19th to reconnect, celebrate and continue to make magic in the form of Outrageous Acts of Love projects, products, programs and POSSIBILITY!

How To Get Involved

If you’re interested in being a guest at our Outrageous Acts of Love Dharma Parties, or playing behind the scenes, please contact us here.

We look forward to EXPLODING OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF LOVE all over the planet and into the hearts of humanity.

Cheers to Our Collective Mojo!

Tbird Luv & Marc Gafni

Here is a teaching from our Dharma Party in January 2014:

For more impressions click here