A Return to Eros Is Part of the Great Library of CosmoErotic Humanism

A Return to Eros

Discover the hidden relationship between Erotic, the Sexual and the Sacred.

None of the four old philosophies about sex are sufficient to inspire us or even hold us in our sexuality. Sex is not merely negative or positive. Sex is not just neutral, nor is it merely sacred because it creates babies.

Erotic Mystics from the hidden tradition of Solomon’s temple taught a secret doctrine. Sex is the source of all wisdom.

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Download an Early Version of CosmoErotic Humanism Based on Hebrew Wisdom: The Erotic and the Holy: Kabbalistic Tantra for Everyday Living

Welcome to this beautiful Audio Workshop on The Erotic and the Holy: Kabbalistic Tantra for Everyday Living!

The Erotic and the Holy is a 7.5-hour audio journey that will guide you with sweetness and tenderness toward “being a lover” in every aspect of your life.
With his intimate knowledge of Kabbalistic mysticism, Marc Gafni unfolds insight after insight, leading listeners toward a new and profound relationship between pleasure and the spirit.

Join him on The Erotic and the Holy as he combines intriguing revelations about the Kabbalah with moving stories from everyday life to guide you into igniting the divine power of the Shekinah in your own world.

You can download a zip-folder of all of the audio recordings here by CLICKING HERE or right-clicking (or Ctr + click for Mac-Users) and save as.

Table of Content

    1. Introduction
    2. The temple mysteries
    3. Stolen waters are sweet
    4. On the inside of God’s face
    5. Fullness of presence
    6. The yearning face of being
    7. An invitation to erotic living
    8. The redemption of the erotic
    9. Solomon’s mysteries
    10. The dancing master of Tibet
    1. Introduction
    2. The tantric mysteries of everyday living
    3. Re-eroticizing relationship
    4. Being present in the emptiness
    5. What is holy?
    6. The path of imagination
    7. The mirrors of desire
    8. The crisis of imagination
    9. The call of the prophet
    10. The shadow of imagination
    1. Introduction
    2. The paths of Tantric expansion
    3. The Holy Trinity of the sexual
    4. Levels of consciousness (Part 1)
    5. Levels of consciousness (Part 2)
    6. The transpersonal and the prepersonal
    7. The gift of the cosmos
    8. Kabbalistic levels of consciousness
    9. The beauty of Eros
    1. Introduction
    2. Faculties of Eros
    3. The path of giving
    4. What is love?
    5. Radical giving
    6. God needs our service
    7. The art of receiving
    8. The path of giving up control
    9. Love and control are opposites
    1. Introduction
    2. A culture in recovery
    3. Light that comes from darkness
    4. Your unique pathology
    5. Relationship for its own sake
    6. Eros and prostitution
    7. Loosening of the fixities
    1. Introduction
    2. For the sake of the name
    3. Extreme light
    4. The exile of the name
    5. The de-storying of the sexual
    6. The right to live your story
    1. Introduction
    2. The prophet and the pagan
    3. Shadows of the line
    4. Circles are closed
    5. God and nature
    6. Ethics in pagan consciousness
    7. Love is a perception
    8. Radical subjectivity
    9. The holy of holies