John Peterson is a lifelong visionary organic farmer, and a highly regarded member of the Center for World Spirituality’s Wisdom Council because he is such a powerful voice in Conscious Agriculture.

We hope you will give a boost to John’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign to complete the renovation of Angelic Organics’ barns to create a vibrant cultural hub for biodynamic farming, food & education. This wildly special farm deserves our crowd support to ascend to a new level of community and educational engagement.

Farmer John writes:

Through this Kickstarter campaign, I’ll be able to make essential roof repairs, install interior stairwells, emergency lighting and fire escapes, and complete the renovation of the barn and the corn crib so they can serve as classroom space and community center.

The completed farmstead will serve as both vibrant campus and robust farming hub. We presently harvest and pack about 1600 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes per week during the growing season. That’s a lot of robust farming activity!

Angelic Organics Farm and the Learning Center draw thousands of guests annually for workshops, tours and agricultural meetings. You may have been a guest on our farm or you may someday eat the vegetables grown by a future farmer who was trained on this farm.

The improvements will transform a successful working farm into the premier gathering place for children’s groups, beginner farmers, members of our CSA, national organic and biodynamic farming associations, and people who just yearn for the chance to smell fresh-cut hay in summer, hold a newly-hatched chick in their hand, and taste a carrot still cool from the earth.

I believe that all of us need a farm to love, and I want Angelic Organics to be such a farm for you.

John has managed Angelic Organics, one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Biodynamic farms in the United States, since 1990. John was featured in Taggart Siegel’s 31-time award-winning documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John, a powerful story of transformation and renewal heralding a resurrection of farming in America. John melds the traditions of family farming with the power of art and free expression, all integral to the ever-unfolding social organism of the farm.