Hello Beloved Readers,

kristina_kincaid-100x100I just returned from the Accelerate event in Chicago this past weekend where Marc spoke to over 500 participants. In 90 minutes, like a Maestro, he brilliantly wove together the patterns that connect with great humor and humility, while transmitting, in the way only he can, the deepest and most profound teachings of Evolutionary Unique Self.

Like a match, he ignited a passionate flame in each heart, inspiring cutting-edge entrepreneurs to write outrageous love letters and commit outrageous acts of love in the world. Wow!

Stories were rewritten, poetry was made, tears ensued and Eros burned bright!!

He received an astounding, overwhelming, gratitude-filled five-minute standing ovation!

I stood in that room clapping, tears streaming, realizing I was witnessing love evolving and the very source code turning, manifesting through the form of each individual Unique Self in the room. There is, was, a gorgeous, seamless — but not featureless — whole!

Oh and PS one more thing!!

While standing at the coffee break and riding the elevator, numerous participants were heard saying Dr. Marc’s talk was the total highlight and best presentation of the entire seven day program!!

Deepest Bow to Dr. Marc for his unwavering devotion and tireless commitment for the evolution of love that lives as the God that is every human being!!

Outrageous Love,
Kristina Kincaid