The circle is more naturally erotic than the line. Recall that we identified four faces of the erotic: interiority, interconnectivity, yearning, and fullness of being. The circle evokes each of these qualities:

Interiority–The circle, unlike the line, has an inside and an outside. Its very essence is in the creation of an inner circle.

Interconnectivity–In the circle, all are interconnected.  All have a place.  No one is ahead or behind, above or below.  Because of this, the circle naturally invited cooperation instead of competition.

Yearning–Circles also bespeak our unquenchable longing.  It is not a line, where movement is pragmatic and linear.  In a circle one understands that no end will ever be reached.  This longing participates in the yearning force of being.

Fullness–The circle attracts us to the fullness of its curves.  Whether it be the round table, the swelling of a woman’s pregnant belly, the curvatures of thigh, breast, or shoulder, the gentle slopes of a lush countryside, circles vibrate with fullness and energy.

from The Mystery of Love
Marc Gafni
Page 190