On the Invisible Hands: Eros, Pseudo-Eros, and Missing First Principles

Featured Clip with Dr. Marc Gafni

This is the final installment of our great series on conspiracy theories. It is a great summation and up-leveling, connecting the dots in entirely new and exciting ways.

This final week was a recapitulation of the major points that Dr. Marc has made about conspiracy theories and their place in the world for the last seven or eight weeks.

We want to thank the many thousands of people who tuned in, sharing their appreciation, insight, and life force.

For a brief summation and some beautiful quotes from the clip, see below.

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Final Installment of Our Series on Conspiracy Theories

Join Dr. Marc Gafni in Unfolding in the Clip Above

  • Why conspiracy theory has moved from fringe to center at this particular moment in time, and why they matter so much.
  • The distinction between local and global conspiracy theories, and regressive and evolutionary conspiracy theories; and why regressive conspiracy theories are a projection of the premodern and modern Superman/ Devil complex.
  • The five factors that drive conspiracy theories.
  • The Eros of the Great Story versus the pseudo-Eros of regressive conspiracy theories.
  • What we mean by “All failures of Eros are subject to attempted cover-ups by pseudo-Eros.”
  • How we are uniquely defining the term Eros and what is pseudo-Eros.
  • How conspiracy theories are right that there’s a hidden plot line to reality… and that the plot line of reality has been hijacked, ignored, or distorted – which are three distinct cultural movements.
  • How reality is what Marc calls “a great CONSPIRING toward ever-more goodness, truth, and beauty” and how the distortion of this plot line generates the pseudo-Eros of regressive conspiracy theories.
  • How the conspiracy theories are intuitively right that the plot line has been hijacked but… It’s not Illuminati, it’s the field of contraction.
  • Why “First Principles” – as in the simple rules of complexity theory – iterated exponentially… create the field of contraction, and not Illuminati…
  • How we, in the twenty-first century, are moving rapidly toward an AI-dominated matrix, when the biggest problem is not going to be exploitation but irrelevance. In 30 years AI will have 80–90% of the jobs in the world, such that most human beings won’t even be needed for labor…
  • Why even though hundreds of people at the higher echelons of government knew there was a pandemic coming, and virtually none of them acted.
  • What meta-modernism means when it suggests reality is a huge hyper-object (global economy, global systems, global travel, world currencies, schools, education, medicine).
  • What we mean by First Principles iterated again and again.
  • The good news that when we change the First Principles, we can change the entire nature of the field.
  • How the New Story is actually a new configuration of intimacy.
  • Why the neoliberal approach of deconstructing value isn’t going to take us home.
  • How there are First Principles that govern reality. We have certainties that are not dogma, but Dharma, which is the best collection of validated truths from every field of wisdom.
  • Why the breakdown of corona is really just an accentuation of the breakdown that was already here, originating from the field of contraction.
  • How we download the new simple First Principles into our entire technological matrix and transform the field of contraction into the field of possibility, which is the field of Eros, which is the field of Outrageous Love, which is the field of Evolutionary Love.

From Dogma to Dharma:

The New Story Is a New Configuration of Intimacy

“We can change the whole thing, because we can evolve the source code. The source code means that there are First Principles that govern reality. They’re not dogma.You can’t impose your dogma. They’re not dogma. First Principles are the nature of reality itself. First Principles are the certainties that dance with the uncertainties.

They’re evolving certainties, but they are certainties about the nature of reality that we can gather based on the best collection of validated truths from every field of wisdom, every line of development, from all the different states of consciousness, from all the different structure-stages of consciousness, from all the different dimensions of reality, interiors and exteriors, our collective knowing, our individual knowing.”

“We gather all the truths from the premodern period, the modern period, the postmodern period, all the truths of the great traditions, the validated insights, not the dogmas, not the surface structures but the shared depth-structures of all the great traditions, the shared depth-structures of the validated truths of science, not the dogmas of science. Science has dogmas just like religion does. We actually jettison all the dogmas of science and scientism, and of false religion or dogmatic religion, and we gather the validated insights of premodern, which is the traditional period, modern: the modern knowings of psychology, evolutionary theory, feminism, scientific method, postmodern: the realization of cultural influence and history and its subjectivity and the influences of power that try to create narratives, and integrate them into a new whole greater than the sum of the parts. We need to move beyond the great religions to the even greater religions.”

We gather all the validated insights from all the different periods, all these different parts, and we weave them together into a larger whole. That’s not dogma. We’re going to give that a name. We’re going to call it Dharma, but by Dharma we mean the New Story, but the New Story is not the fanciful conjecture. The New Story is actually a new configuration of intimacy.”

– Dr. Marc Gafni