We are a Community of Virtual Presence and Evolutionary Love Gatherings

To register for our Wisdom School at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center, October 10-13:

“Evolutionary Intimacy and the New Enlightenment”: (more information below)
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To register for our 4th Annual World Spirituality Retreat, October 18-20:

“Falling in Love with the Divine – Devotion and Tantra of the Heart”: (more information below)
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Venwoude Summer Festival of Love 2013 © Chahat Corten

Venwoude Summer Festival of Love 2013 © Chahat Corten

The Center for Integral World Spirituality is a vibrant community of Virtual Presence and Evolutionary Love Gatherings. We share tremendous Holy Purpose in bringing Unique Self teachings into the world. The Eros that unites us is grounded in simple truths of Unique Self teachings with which we all deeply resonate.

Most fundamentally, I fully embrace Marc’s dharma that we are each an irreducibly Unique expression of God, and that at this time on our planet, everyone of us is needed to Answer our Call to bring our Unique Gifts to a world that desperately needs us. The more we awaken to Unique Self, we feel that Call within the very marrow our Being.

That Call is being strongly answered by individuals from around the world. We are intimately connected by that Call in our virtual sangha, and during those amazingly wonderful times when we gather together in at places like Venwoude and Shalom and Esalen, and so many others. In our gatherings, there is a concentration of Evolutionary Love that is clarifying, uplifting, and joyfully life-altering.

Mauk Pieper, Chahat Corten and Dr Marc at our Summer Festival of Love in Holland

Mauk Pieper, Chahat Corten and Dr Marc at the Summer Festival of Love

We have two radically wonderful gatherings immediately coming up in October, first in upstate New York, and the week after at Esalen in California. Especially if you have not experienced Marc’s dharma directly in person, we would love you to join us.

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