Three Faces of Love Telecourse Streaming Page

“Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself… –Khalil Gibran

What kind of love do you really long for? What kind of love do you yearn to give? What have you imagined for yourself and for those you care about? When was the last time you challenged yourself to confess what’s true – not as an ideal, but as your lived reality, as your life? Are you ready to challenge yourself to grow in and as love? Are you prepared to admit that your loving is stalled at the status quo, and that it is up to you to change it? Do you want to evolve your love consciously? What would happen if you committed to a conscious, developmental practice of Love – not sentimental, not overly emotional or personally fixated, but one of genuine transformation that changes you, those you love, and the world.

If you are longing for this, you are ready to join Diane Musho Hamilton and Dr. Marc Gafni in this recording from 2009 for a journey into intimacy, vulnerability, and the vast wilderness of the heart. Abandon limited self-discovery, and enter into a rapturous world where, through conscious engagement, you become an instrument of Love’s Evolution. “

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