By Marc Gafni

We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response to a world of outrageous pain is outrageous love. We need to become outrageous lovers. What does that mean? It means to see with God’s eyes, and to let God see through your eyes. To be enlightened means to move from your perspective to God’s perspective.

Bill Clinton said recently that only a shift in consciousness will allow us to take the necessary steps to heal our future. The mystical and political are coming together because that is the invitation and demand of this evolutionary moment.

The shift in consciousness that we are invited to is no less then the awakening of the outrageous lover that lives in us. The outrageous lover shatters her mistaken identity as a skin-encapsulated ego, loving only what serves her superficial survival and prosperity. The outrageous lover expands beyond the contractions of ego, into larger and larger fields of felt caring and concern. The purpose and trajectory of her life is the evolution of love.

She begins her life, like all beings do, with pre-egocentric consciousness, a symbiotic self with simple internal states. As she grows, she becomes aware of feeling love, her consciousness becomes egocentric, knowing only love for herself and those upon whom her survival depends. She then expands her love to include her wider circle, perhaps to include those who seem to be akin to her by culture, belief or friendship. She then deepens again, expanding her felt sense of care and love to all human beings; world centric consciousness. Finally she takes the momentous leap and her perspective shifts from her side to God’s side as she begins to identify with the divine principles, which is her essence. She begins to see with God’s eyes and let God see with her eyes; Kosmocentric consciousness. This is the first movement of outrageous love.

The second movement of outrageous love is to move from the few to the many, from the elite to the masses. At this moment of historical time it is not enough for the few to be the lovers…