This is what podcast host Luke Storey says about this episode:

Today, we’re going to find a way to navigate ourselves into a higher state of being, both individually and collectively, during this conversation with Dr. Marc Gafni.

Dr. Marc is an incredible human, to say the least. He’s a visionary, thinker, social activist, and passionate philosopher known for his source code teachings, including unique self theory, the five selves, the amorous cosmos, a politics of evolutionary love, a return to eros, and digital intimacy.

I was introduced to Marc and his teachings through our mutual friend Aubrey Marcus, with whom he’s been doing some incredible work toward a better future for all.

This is one of the deepest conversations on love, spirituality, conscious evolution, collective healing, and the human experience that I’ve had on the podcast, which says a lot because there have been many – and I am thrilled to share it with you.

If you find value in this conversation, which I suspect you will, please feel free to share it with someone you love. You can find links to Marc’s courses, books, and other offers at