An Unedited Recording of a 9-Week Telecourse with Marc Gafni and Diane Musho Hamilton

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself… – Khalil Gibran
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What kind of love do you really long for? What kind of love do you yearn to give? What have you imagined for yourself and for those you care about? When was the last time you challenged yourself to confess what’s true – not as an ideal, but as your lived reality, as your life? Are you ready to challenge yourself to grow in and as love? Are you prepared to admit that your loving is stalled at the status quo, and that it is up to you to change it? Do you want to evolve your love consciously? What would happen if you committed to a conscious, developmental practice of Love – not sentimental, not overly emotional or personally fixated, but one of genuine transformation that changes you, those you love, and the world.
If you are longing for this, if you are ready to join Diane Musho Hamilton and Dr. Marc Gafni for a journey into intimacy, vulnerability, and the vast wilderness of the heart. Abandon limited self-discovery, and enter into a rapturous world where, through conscious engagement, you become an instrument of Love’s Evolution.

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What’s You’ll Learn in this Recording of our Archived Course Material (that includes access to all the course recordings, Q&As, as well as raw transcripts):

Week 1: Open to the Three Faces of Love

  • Apply the fullness of the first, second, and third faces of love to your life today
  • Engage the latest research about love’s impact on healing, growth, and transformation
  • Enact these three aspects of love to enrich and enliven your life’s activities and relationships

Week 2: Discover Evolution as Love, Love as Evolution

  • Learn what the ancient wisdom traditons and perennial philosophers teaches us about love
  • Unfold the Mystery of Eros and Holiness
  • Engage Love as a Perception and learn to invite the Transformative Process of Love into Life

Week 3: Become Love: Discover your Innate True Nature

  • Overcome idolatry, infatuation, and false expressions of love
  • Learn to recognize and relax ego’s neediness, clinging, and withdrawal
  • Discover genuine broken-heartedness as a gateway to tenderness

Week 4: Deepen Your Recognition as Love

  • Enter the Four Heavenly Abodes of equanimity, compassion, loving-kindness, self-fulfilling joy
  • Trust the fullness of all aspects of your experience
  • Experience the perfection of how things already are

Week 5: Love as Devotion: Engage the Beloved

  • Enter the peril and promise of devotional relationship to experience the “Miracle of We”
  • Inhabit the paradoxes of sameness and difference, autonomy and communion, and surrender and responsibility
  • Increase vitality and freedom by mixing impersonal and personal love

Week 6: Transform the Wounds of Love

  • Discover how you can work with pain, disappointment and loss through the metabolic function of the human heart
  • Upgrade your understanding of the technologies of forgiveness, apology, and empathic listening
  • Practice ethical loving

Week 7: Transmute Negative Emotions

  • Discover why feeling everything is essential to healthy development
  • Find the vital energy in your anger, jealousy, and sorrow
  • Learn to stay actively open through life’s challenges, and allow pain to held in a context of joy

Week 8: Express Love through Sacred Conversation

  • Learn to communicate fearlessly
  • Relax and be nourished by simply listening and receiving another
  • Practice expressing difficult truths, and establishing deeply loving boundaries
  • Realize true intimacy through the art of give and take

Week 9: Commit to Love

  • Find your Unique Self quality of loving
  • Learn to include uncertainty, rawness, imperfection and shadow
  • Realize and practice the true meaning of Unconditional Love