What: Unique Self Process: Taught for the First Time Ever in Public

When: May 19 – 21, 2012

Where: Venwoude Retreat Center in Holland. Inexpensive flights available.

Who: Dr. Marc Gafni and Mauk Pieper: Unique Self Process: First Three Days

Who: Dr. Marc Gafni and Chahat Corten, Pauline Botden

The Principles and Practices of Unique Self Enlightenment

The Democratization of Enlightenment Begins with You!

Principle and Practice 1: The Invitation and Responsibility of Unique Self

Unique Self: The Evolutionary Context
The Four Pillars of Unique Self
Two Tastes: Being and Becoming

Principle and Practice 2: The Glory of the Story

Personal and Impersonal Enlightenment
Live Your Story: Mythologize Don’t Pathologize
Details Matter: The Time Line and Trajectory of Your Life

Principle and Practice 3: False Core, False Self, and the Trajectory of Identity

Personality Types
False Core, False Self WHOLE WEEK ON THIS

Principle and Practice 4: Awakening: Evolution Beyond Ego

True Self, True Identity
Paths of Practice to Awaken Your Unique Self
Unique Self and Transcendence

Principle and Practice 5: Awakening: Evolution Beyond Ego

Five Differences Between Unique Self and Ego
The Democratization of Enlightenment
The New Enlightenment

Principle and Practice 6: Unique Wound and Unique Shadow

The Shadow: Three Steps Beyond Jung
Shadow and the New Enlightenment
Follow Your Shadow to Your Unique Self

Principle and Practice 7: Unique Gifts, Unique Delight and Unique Obligation

What is your Unique Self?
What are your Unique Gifts?
What is your Unique Purpose?

Principle and Practice 8: Evolutionary We Space

The creation of the Unique We
Five Principles and Practice which invoke the Miracle of We
Public Enlightenment: The Next Evolutionary Leap