We are BEYOND THRILLED to announce the launch of our website: MarcGafni.com.

In this new design we have organized for you some of the best and most cutting-edge content you can find today on Evolutionary Spirituality Reloaded: Radical Teachings on Outrageous Love, Kabbalah, Integral Wisdom, Eros, and Unique Self–all of which are totally open.

You also have access to the older Hebrew Wisdom lineage teachings of Marc (including a lot of teachings in Hebrew).

Imagine what it would be like to source your life from the depth of your most potent creativity, aliveness and joy. Imagine what it would be like to have everyday access to that heightened experience of yourself, where you are wildly creative, purposeful and delighted with how you are showing up in life. Imagine having clarity about who you truly are and knowing the precise steps you need to fully become that person.

Who would you be? What would the impact be on the quality of your life, and everyone and everything you care about?

What would it mean to know that YOU are an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty, the animating Eros of all of reality that at this very moment lives in you, as you and through you? That Your Unique Story has the potential to change the course of Humanity?

Welcome to a new ‘dharma,’ or meta-theory of meaning – a radical vision of Outrageous Love, that is paving the way for the evolution of consciousness that gives you a whole new access to living a life of passion, meaning and inspiration that you had always dreamed was possible.

Welcome to MarcGafni.com!

Dr. Marc Gafni is not only the co-founder and president of the Center for Integral Wisdom but also a visionary thinker, social innovator, passionate philosopher, and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, the two-volume Radical Kabbalah, and the recently published Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism: Two Models and Why They Matter and Tears: Reclaiming Ritual, Integral Religion, and Rosh Hashana.

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