What Is the Center for World Philosophy & Religion?

The Center for World Philosophy & Religion is an Activist Think Tank. It is a group of people who think about the structure of the way things work and how we can make it better. We are engaging the deep structural issues that affect how society works, how love flows, how compassion unfolds, the way politics unfolds, the way economics are structured. We are inspiring action.

At the Center, we may be the only think tank of this kind in the world today. Actually, the essential source code issues – how to create a shared language of meaning and spirit in the world today – are peripheral in our society today. It’s left to fringe conversation and never enters the mainstream to evolve the dialogue. We have started along with other visionary thinkers such as Ken Wilber along with our talented and dedicated faculty, our leadership team, and our Scholars.

We are engaging these source code issues through three primary modalities.

First, we have our Dharma Labs.

Dr. Marc Gafni also teaches live online at our sister organization One Mountain, Many Paths – Live Online Services Every Sunday at 10 am PT.

Second, we are writing a series of books and white papers which change and evolve the source code of consciousness in key areas of society. We are engaged in medicine, secondary school education, business, psychology, and the recovery movement. We are developing a practice based on “outrageous acts of love.” We are spearheading the Digital Intimacy project, a success project, and coaching. We are evolving the meaning of enlightenment through the “democratization of enlightenment” teaching, entrepreneurship, spiritual practice, our understanding of the masculine and feminine. And on and on. Each one is a source code changing move, an engagement in the ongoing evolution of love.

Third, we are offering live and evergreen online courses which have so far brought together more than 5,000 people.

Welcome to the Center, an Activist Think Tank based on Integral Principles seeking to evolve the source code of love.