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Updates April 2024: Featured Essay on “The Three Selves: A Memory of the Future” & So Much More

The Crossing Launched Successfully in April 2024 We are still bathing in the aftertaste of the first launch of "The Crossing" in Holland. As one contributor wrote on Facebook (in Dutch - translated by us): "When I cry the tears of the whole, it is already healed." (Dr. Marc Gafni) That was one of the sentences that immediately pierced my heart during "The Crossing" last weekend. With 150 pioneers we created the transition from Homo sapiens to Homo amor; the new human who cannot view the personal separate from the collective and who feels a deep connection with All-That-Is. [...]

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First Principles and First Values with Dr. Marc Gafni and Sasha Lipskala

Enjoy this podcast with Dr. Marc Gafni featured on the Be Brave Podcast with Sasha Lipskala Join Sasha Lipskaia in conversation with Dr. Marc Gafni. Marc Gafni is one of the most inspiring and powerful spiritual teachers I know. — Sasha Lipskaia In this podcast episode they dive deep into the nature of our humanity and the crisis we are in, as we are facing the existential risk of not only the potential death of humanity but also the potential death of our humanity. How we can respond to the meta-crisis and reclaim our hearts? Participate in this deep contemplation [...]

First Principles and First Values | Marc Gafni & Paul Chek

Enjoy this podcast with Dr. Marc Gafni featured on Living 4D Podcast with Paul Chek. ABOUT:  Our planet is suffering deeply from a global intimacy disorder, is it even possible to turn things around? Dr. Marc Gafni returns to the Living 4D podcast with Paul Chek, to share his newest work, First Principles and First Values (a collaboration with Dr. Zak Stein under the pseudonym David J. Temple), as a possible blueprint for a new and better way forward. Join Paul Check and Marc Gafni for a transformative exploration on Living 4D! In this conversation: The value of [...]

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