Sex-without-Shame-banner2What is the right relationship between the experience of sex and the experience of pleasure? How does sex relate to power, love, fear and enlightenment? What does arousal have to do with divine aliveness, and how does the desire to dominate and to surrender alternate, in a whole and powerful way, with the desire for radical mutuality?

When I was first exploring these questions, there was no one to guide me through different forms of sexing. There was no one to tell me that the force of energy moving through me was sacred. No one said to me that sex is the force of evolutionary eros awake and alive in you. No one talked to me about the relationship between love, sex and eros. Really no one talked much about sex at all.

That’s why giving the gift of this 7-week “Sex Without Shame” tele-series is so important to me, and to my co-leader Annie Lalla.

Annie is a profound and engaging World Spirituality think tank scholar and brilliant “love coach.” A key area of my expertise, shame is also a deep study for Annie, who is doing some of the best work out there, especially on topics like sexuality and pleasure. We have each spent a lifetime evolving a leading-edge teaching on love, sex and intimacy.

For an introduction to the 7-week tele-series, we invite you to listen to the free Replay of a 90-minute “Sex Without Shame” teleclass that Annie and I recently co-led, online here:

In this class, Annie and I approach sexual space as a platform for writing new programs in the ‘source code’ of reality. Could your sexuality be the access point for all forms of success? What if moving past limiting beliefs around sexuality is the high leverage move that seeds your next level of development?

The 7-week program begins on Tuesday, Oct 29 at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern (90 min). Course material will be delivered live by conference line (phone) and webcast, and all classes and live Q&A/coaching will be recorded, transcribed, and made available in a private log-in members area.

Through a set of powerful insights & maps, discussion, movement, live coaching and Q&A, we will guide you to discover a profound new framework within which to understand your own sex as well as to give you powerful tools to deal with the core obstacles to living with powerful aliveness, pleasure and presence in every facet of your your life — beginning with the sexual.

We will move beyond the old dichotomies of fallen and sacred sexuality and allow you to feel into seven different modes of sexing and six faces of self, all of which, when engaged appropriately, deserve an honored place in your being. Participants will study these modes sexing and self, taste them, dance with them, and integrate them in our being for the sake of the evolution of love, the evolution of eros, and the evolution of god.

The 7-week Sex Without Shame tele-series

We hope to see you there.

With Honor,
Marc Gafni