Decoding Dune: A Revelatory Exploration w/ Dr. Marc Gafni and Aubrey Marcus

Enjoy this podcast with Dr. Marc Gafni featured on Aubrey Marcus’ Podcast

Spoiler Alert! This episode is for people familiar with the Dune series, and want to explore the complicated themes of this iconic sci-fi masterpiece. Like a message that is echoing from the past, what is particularly relevant about Dune now?

In this podcast with Dr. Marc Gafni, we go on a journey to uncover the hidden lessons and timeless wisdom woven into the fabric of this incredible series. Marc Gafni and Aubrey Marcus discuss the multifaceted realms of power, politics, psychedelics, prophets, and the nuances of messianic leadership. We also explore the notion of destiny and the complexities of free will. Whether you’re a passionate aficionado or a curious soul, prepare to be enlightened as we meticulously decode the philosophical intricacies of Dune, offering fresh insights and revelations.

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Decoding Dune: A Revelatory Exploration w/ Dr. Marc Gafni and Aubrey Marcus2024-04-03T09:14:15-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni & Layman Pascal: Public shadow in the planetary age

Enjoy this podcast with Dr. Marc Gafni featured on The Integral Stage Podcast. 

“Public shadow in the planetary age”

This is the first episode of a new series exploring the subtle dynamics of collective shadow, narrative making & our responses to how we are perceived. In the digital epoch, it is unlikely that anyone will escape confrontation with a negative image of themselves existing in the minds of others. Do we learn from it? Fight it? Absorb it? Ignore it? And how do we evaluate anything when information itself becomes dubious?

Layman is joined this time by Dr. Marc Gafni — the world philosopher of “cosmo-erotic humanism” together with Dr. Zak Stein. Gafni is the co-president with Stein of the Center for World Philosophy and Religion, founded with Ken Wilber in 2010, where they are articulating a “new meta theory story of value in response to the meta crisis”, even as Gafni lives as a character, both beloved and controversial, in the public mind.

Our task in this episode, and in this series, is not to demonize or exonerate. We encourage people to do their own research if they are interested. Facts matter. So do feelings. But that is not our topic in this series where we are focused on something more specific. We are not exploring the content of the narratives but rather how they emerge, how they are perceived by the people inside them, how those people respond under the conditions of the emerging digital, planetary age & what they have concluded about their responses.

We are not exploring content of the narratives but rather how they emerge, how they are perceived by the people inside them, how those people respond under the conditions of the emerging digital-planetary age & what they have concluded about their responses.

Dr. Marc Gafni & Layman Pascal: Public shadow in the planetary age2024-04-03T08:41:08-07:00

The Failed Love Story at the Root of All Evil w/ Aubrey Marcus & Dr. Marc Gafni

We are absolutely delighted to share with you this new, incredible podcast with Aubrey Marcus and Dr. Marc Gafni, in which they talk about one of the most complex issues in philosophy and religion: the root cause of evil.

The thesis that Dr. Marc and Aubrey present is that the evil we see in the world is rooted in failed love stories. Our own love stories—personally and collectively—are, in Marc’s words, “chapter and verse in the Universe: a Love Story.” Evil therefore—the opposite of “live”—is at its root the failure of the love story, which is the very plot line of the real.

Marc and Aubrey unpack the potent and poignant realization, that when you lose the plot line of the real you act against Reality. This sacred hermeneutic—lense of sensemaking—allows us to begin to approach so much of what we see in the world today.

The fundamentalist distortions of Jihad, the hidden power agenda’s of military industrial complexes, and the AI driven “digital dictatorships in the making”, all share a common root: their dissociation from the plot line of “Reality is a love story.”

This frame will help bring understanding to much of what we are seeing in today’s culture, from AI to the war in the Middle East.

The surprise reveal is how the box office hit Barbie, actually points to the reality of our failed love story in Western culture.

We encourage you to slowly listen to every sentence of this deep and nuanced podcast. Marc and Aubrey speak with broken hearts, with clarity, but always in the unknowing. Always in devotion to the Mystery. Yet every sentence and literally every phrase in every sentence, offers new insight and whispers love in every distinction, opening hearts and minds with every breath.

This stunning conversation is not an ordinary podcast. It can’t just be listened to—it must be studied, meditated on and engaged deeply.

It is only that level of deep listening that both allows us to integrate the new Gnosis, even as it generates our own unique contribution, addition and even challenge to this new Dharma.

So that we can together birth “the new human and the new humanity.”

It is our prayer that this deep conversation begins to evoke what we call “a new story of value” that has the power and poignancy to respond to the meta-crisis.

The Failed Love Story at the Root of All Evil w/ Aubrey Marcus & Dr. Marc Gafni2024-01-31T06:58:57-08:00

Barbie, Hamas, & Homo Amor: From Degraded Love Stories to “The Universe: A Love Story”

Looking at two seemingly unconnected events — the Barbie movie and the Hamas atrocities of October 7, 2023 — helps us clarify our perception and articulate a third possibility. Although there is zero moral equivalence between Barbie and Hamas, both are degraded love stories.

That’s what makes them so dangerous.

  • Hamas is a wildly destructive expression of fundamentalism; it degrades and demonizes the body and desire itself. Desire, perceived as evil, is projected outwards, onto ‘infidels,’ and then brutally destroyed.
  • Barbie is an expression of postmodernism: it disqualifies love, value, and desire as non-real, as mere social constructs.

In absence of real value, we lose capacity for moral distinctions; that’s why Hamas atrocities were celebrated on university campuses across the Western world. Postmodernism and fundamentalism are swelling movements in today’s world, and both will destroy us.

Our only chance is the third way, the third possibility — articulating a shared story of value rooted in the clarified realization that the Universe is a love story, Reality is desire, and no one is excluded from the love story.

This series below is from One Mountain, Many Paths, a weekly live broadcast of Evolutionary Sensemaking with Dr. Marc Gafni. Click here to register to participate live every Sunday at 10 am PT.


Barbie, Hamas, & Homo Amor: From Degraded Love Stories to “The Universe: A Love Story”2024-06-05T09:57:45-07:00

Israel-Hamas: The Impossible Questions – Podcast Aubrey Marcus with Dr. Marc Gafni

Note to Listener from Aubrey Marcus and Dr. Marc Gafni:

We are at a time between worlds, at a time between stories.

We live in a world of outrageous pain. We live in a world of outrageous beauty. We live in a world of outrageous love.

In this time between stories, we step beyond the old stories of good and evil in its primitive forms. But that does not mean that we are moral relativists or that value is not real. Indeed all of reality, all of life is Value. We can feel the truth of this in our bodies. We may not be able to explain it perfectly, but when we feel we know. And this is what gives us courage to stand on the side of Life.

And to stand on the side of Life is to take a side. A stand for Life, is by nature a stand against anti-Life, or anti-Value. What that means about what should be done is a question of impossible complexity, pain and uncertainty.

We stand for a culture of Eros against a culture of death. We stand for intimacy against alienation. This requires us to be both tender and fierce, to stand for Life against the forces of anti-life.

It is not that there is no value in the universe and therefore naturally no battle between value and anti-value. Value is real. Good and Evil are real. But good and evil are not split along racial or national, or ethnic or religious grounds. This is a seductively simple conception, that in and of itself is the cause of so much horror.

In our formulation, Good and Evil is discerned simply: To be Good is to be ALL IN FOR ALL LIFE.

No one is outside of the circle of Life. To be All in for All Life requires the cultivation of radical discernment within a broken information ecology, and full blown 5th generational warfare in the form of attention hijacking and propaganda. To stand for Life means to make love to the tender sensuality of sensemaking.

Feeling our way slowly and carefully, but not with timidity masking as humility.

Evil is evil.

As much as we might be tempted, we cannot be afraid to call it what it is. Within that is a rejection of universal moral relativism. It is a solemn vow to protect the innocent, all of the innocent, and to protect the world from being held hostage by the forces of anti-life – wherever they are found.

We speak with broken hearts, with clarity, but always in the unknowing. Always in devotion to the Mystery, while always whispering love in every distinction with every breath. It is our prayer that this inspires a story that is unifying rather than dividing. Clarifying rather than confusing. It is a prayer for all Life. Comments will be off on this video, so that everyone can watch it and feel with their own hearts and minds.

Israel-Hamas: The Impossible Questions – Podcast Aubrey Marcus with Dr. Marc Gafni2023-11-01T05:05:16-07:00

Healing the Wounds of Culture: Aubrey Marcus, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Dr. Kristina Kincaid

In this powerfully vulnerable podcast with host Aubrey Marcus, and Dr. Marc Gafni and his partner Dr. Kristina Kincaid as guests, they discuss the wounds of culture – meaning, the myriad wounds that culture can inflict – and their personal process of healing and resolution.

Healing the Wounds of Culture: Aubrey Marcus, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Dr. Kristina Kincaid2023-11-01T04:55:32-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni: Evolutionary Sensemaking Video Series

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Dr. Marc Gafni: Evolutionary Sensemaking Video Series2023-06-20T09:44:24-07:00

Evolving Public Culture

How We Respond to Post Truth And Fake News Matters

We stand at a moment in time when the weaponizing of sex and the manufacturing of scandals is used to undermine leaders and manipulate politics, religion and culture via digital communications at a faster rate than any other time in history. The recent emergents of a post-truth society and fake or distorted news now generate more engagement than truth on social media and are having an enormous impact on the shaping people’s viewpoints and beliefs.

If you use the internet for any form of communication including…

  • Writing emails
  • Posting and commenting on social media
  • Sharing articles and blog posts
  • Creating or viewing videos
  • Participating in live broadcasts (FB Live, Google Hangouts etc..)
  • Reading the news

…then you are participating in digital culture.

The question is, does your participation contribute to the awakening and evolution of culture, or does your participation contribute to the perpetuation of false negative memes and distortions of the truth?

It’s not an easy question to answer, because most of us believe that our actions are well intentioned…. for instance:

  • You share an article with friends because you think it’s about an important topic and worthwhile read but you have not taken the time to see if the information in it is verified…
  • You make a critical comment on a social media post because you want to engage in a conversation that’s meaningful to you but you have made assumptions about what’s true in the story you are commenting on…
  • You sign a petition to take a stand against something such as sexual abuse, but are unaware that your own confirmation bias has lead you to believe the information being shared is fact…
  • You write a blog post or article about a cause or topic that you’re passionate about but you haven’t verified the information from both sides of the story before publishing it…

You see, if you don’t understand the basic tenets for discerning whether or not a post or an article is fact or simply opinion, stated as fact…and if you don’t take the time to weigh your opinions with basic moral and ethical standards before you press ‘publish’ or ‘post’, then you unconsciously become an instrument for the advancement of a post-truth society. In a post-truth America, justice, integrity, and basic goodness are sacrificed on the altar of click bait, political smear campaigns and corrupt grasping for profit or power.

Our response to post-truth and fake news was to create a series of blog-posts dedicated to restoring the fundamental principles of human dignity, fair process and integrity in the digital age. It’s called Evolving Public Culture.

The invitation of Evolving Public Culture is to become an activist for a planetary awakening by contributing to the conversation and choosing to take a bold stand for truth, integrity and justice.

Read some of our blog-posts below:

Evolving Public Culture2023-06-17T08:02:16-07:00

On the New Politics of Eros: Six Key Dimensions Broken in Democracy with Marc Gafni & Layman Pascal

Dialogue with Dr. Marc Gafni in “The Integral Stage” with Layman Pascal

Layman Pascal is joined by Dr. Marc Gafni, the co-founder of the Center for Integral Wisdom and the author of multiple books and essays on integrative spirituality and spiritual activism.
Marc presents his vision of what a planetary politics could and should be, and together they explore the question of AI and the enormous challenges manipulative algorithms pose not only to informed voting, but to sensemaking in general; the emergence of techno-feudalism; the problems with voting protocols rooted in rivalrous dynamics, and the possibilities for liquid democracy or a synergistic democracy; the viability and role of nation states in a globally interconnected and interdependent society; the dynamics of intimacy, and the importance of shared first principles and a shared story; and much more.

Dr. Marc Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist, passionate philosopher, and author of ten books. He is the co-founder of The Center for Integral Wisdom, and a rabbinic lineage holder in Bible, Talmud, and Kabbalah. He self-describes as a “citizen” of both Integral World Spirituality and classical Hebrew practice. He has been an editor of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice on issues of Integral spirituality and a faculty member of J.F.K. University. In 2014, Dr. Gafni co-initiated the Success 3.0 Summit and Rise Up movie, with John Mackey and Kate Maloney whose method and movement is to bring together key thought leaders and change-agents to collaboratively evolve a bold new Integral vision of Success, rooted in the entrepreneurial values of Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up, and Evolutionary Love.

On the New Politics of Eros: Six Key Dimensions Broken in Democracy with Marc Gafni & Layman Pascal2023-06-17T07:44:21-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni: Video Series on Responding to Public Culture

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Dr. Marc Gafni: Video Series on Responding to Public Culture2023-06-17T08:04:21-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni: Video Series on Diagnosing the Techplex: From Digital Dictatorship to Digital Intimacy

From Social Self to Unique Self, From Social Hives to Unique Self Symphonies

“First Principles express the underlying – eternal yet evolving – universal principles of value that need to be the rudder of civilization’s next stage. First Principles are urgently needed – personally and collectively – to respond to the catastrophic and even existential risk that challenges us, invites us, and demands our response at this moment in time. First Principles are ancient, time-honored, and venerable, even as they are evolutionary, emergent, and new. First Principles are a weaving together of the most crucial validated truths from all the wisdom streams – premodern, modern, and postmodern – into a new whole greater than the sum of its parts. First Principles are what we have referred to as the New Story, or a New Dharma, or a Global Ethos for a Global Civilization. First Principles are implicitly shared by all the Many Paths. They are the foundation of the One Mountain itself.” – Dr. Marc Gafni

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Dr. Marc Gafni: Video Series on Diagnosing the Techplex: From Digital Dictatorship to Digital Intimacy2023-06-17T12:16:49-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni: From the Failure to Participate in the Conspiring of Reality to Conspiracy Theory

On the Failure of Eros, First Principles, and a Portal to Evolution’s Next Step

by Dr. Marc Gafni

This article is an edited Transcript from One Church – Episode 189 – May 24, 2020. You can watch the whole episode on the Watch page of the One Mountain, Many Paths Website. One Mountain, Many Paths is a project of our sister organization, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

Read below or download the article here:

The Great Conspiring of Reality: What Do Conspiracy Theories Get Right?

On every news channel in the world in the last six or seven weeks, the conversation is around one thing. The conversation is around conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory has moved from the periphery of culture, from its fringe to its center. Why has conspiracy theory moved from fringe to center, at this particular moment in time? And why do we need to talk about it, why does it matter? In newspapers in Asia and in Europe and in South America and in Africa, all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, why is conspiracy theory in the mainstream media the lead item? Why is it so critical for us to understand this?

Because it’s actually speaking to something unbelievably important. The sensemaking that we need to do is to understand this in the largest light. The sensemaking that’s being done around conspiracy theory, there is some truth, there are some good things being said, but it’s so shallow, almost insipid, pallid. Neither the conspiracy theorists don’t understand the mainstream media, the mainstream media doesn’t understand the conspiracy theorists. Both of them dismiss each other. It’s an expression of the larger polarization, the larger culture war.

Why are we attracted to conspiracy theory? Why is it driving the click bait structure of the virtual world? What is attractive in it? Where is the allurement? Where is the attraction? That’s the deep question. Anyone who believes every conspiracy theory is a fool. Anyone who doesn’t believe any conspiracy theories is also a fool, perhaps a greater fool.


Dr. Marc Gafni: From the Failure to Participate in the Conspiring of Reality to Conspiracy Theory2023-06-17T12:26:43-07:00

Reality Bites: Conspiracy Theories & Broken Information Ecology

On the Invisible Hands: Eros, Pseudo-Eros, and Missing First Principles

Featured Clip with Dr. Marc Gafni

This is the final installment of our great series on conspiracy theories. It is a great summation and up-leveling, connecting the dots in entirely new and exciting ways.

This final week was a recapitulation of the major points that Dr. Marc has made about conspiracy theories and their place in the world for the last seven or eight weeks.

We want to thank the many thousands of people who tuned in, sharing their appreciation, insight, and life force.

For a brief summation and some beautiful quotes from the clip, see below.

Watch & Share This Important Clip

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These are very special intimate moments of deep study, coupled with the most beautiful practice, contemplation, and activism.

One Mountain, Many Paths is an independent initiative emergent from the Center and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and their respective founders, Dr. Marc Gafni and Barbara Marx Hubbard. It the crucial next step of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and we audaciously believe that this initiative – together with many other emergent initiatives around the world – is a crucial next step for in the Evolution of Love itself.

We believe this is the most potent and promising path to further the realization of the great vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Marc Gafni, and their colleagues, a “Planetary Awakening in Love through Unique Self Symphonies.”

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One Mountain, Many Paths

Final Installment of Our Series on Conspiracy Theories

Join Dr. Marc Gafni in Unfolding in the Clip Above


Reality Bites: Conspiracy Theories & Broken Information Ecology2023-09-22T06:52:53-07:00

Dr. Marc Gafni: On the Crucial Import of Good Spiritual Sense Making in Times of Crisis

Note: This is the lightly edited, updated, and expanded transcript of an oral talk given by Dr. Marc Gafni towards the end of March, 2020. The original talk is found here.

Welcome, everyone. It’s a hard time. It’s a painful time. What we want to do in this short article is what we might call sense making. It’s a time when we need to do sense making – both personal and collective.

Part of meeting this challenge – and any challenge – is having a common thread, a shared understanding of the truth, both subjective interior and objective exterior truth, based on the best information we have, the best cumulative wisdom we have drawn from all of its sources, contemporary as well as ancient. We might call this shared sense making common sense. We need common sense making to understand everything that is happening and our place in it. But it is not only an interior necessity for our internal well-being and sanity – which of course has enormous impact on our external health [see PsychoNeuroImmunology and all of the extensive literature on the feedback loop between interiors and exteriors] – but it is more than even that.

It is deeper than that. This is a moment where we need to come together deeply – as One People, One World, One Cause, One Love, One Heart, to fight for the common good against a common enemy. And yet although it is not New Age, politically correct, it is appropriate to call a virus that kills people a common enemy. Obviously viruses are not the enemy. We are each constituted by 380 trillion viruses. We are viruses. But this particular virus that is killing us is in this moment our enemy. To fight it and other deadly mutations of the virus in the future we need however not only to create a vaccine but to do deeper sense making and understand as best as we can the deeper fact patterns that caused the virus. To do that we need common sense or common sense making, a shared story, a narrative thread of meaning that we can all locate ourselves inside of…

Read More
Download the PDF Version of the Paper
Download the PDF Version of the Paper
Dr. Marc Gafni: On the Crucial Import of Good Spiritual Sense Making in Times of Crisis2023-06-17T13:25:49-07:00

Spiritual Sense Making in Times of Crisis

Watch This Featured Clip by Dr. Marc Gafni



Welcome, everyone. It’s a hard time. It’s a painful time. We live in a world of outrageous pain, and the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love. One of the things that we’re trying to do here at the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and we’re also trying to do it in a broadcast program that’s its own world that spun off originally from the center and the foundation and is now an independent and beautiful movement which is called One Church: Many Paths, One Mountain—we broadcast every week and we’re together every week; it’s an incredible community of some 10,000 people around the world—what we’re trying to do is what I would call sensemaking. We live in a moment of decentralized sensemaking. We don’t rely at this point on the government or the church. Our information ecologies are broken. Our sense of larger patterns and larger worldviews has been fractured and fragmented.

So as we find ourselves in the middle of this outrageous pain, the pain of the coronavirus, which is now a collective pain across the world, I just read an amazing set of stories about five Italian doctors, heroes, heroes of outrageous love who died this week, and the stories abound across the world. And we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re doing everything we can to flatten the curve, but we’re not doing enough. Will we be able to flatten the curve? What are the timeframes? There’s an enormous amount that needs to happen now.

But what I want to talk to you about in this moment is the sensemaking that we need to do. Now, sensemaking takes place in the context of action, so clearly the very first thing that needs to be done now is to heal the sick, to have enough ventilators, to have enough beds in hospitals, to not collapse the medical system, to not collapse the economy, because the economy is about people being able to buy basic necessities. It’s about survival in the most essential of ways. Let’s take the United States just as an example. Seventy percent of the families in the United States live from paycheck to paycheck.

So the amount of pain and dislocation and disruption and suffering is intense and real and we need to respond to it, and the only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love, and outrageous love means that there are outrageous acts of love to perform, and it’s not just the Italian doctors who are being the most incredible—this is a moment where Italy truly is filled with outrageous lovers, unbelievable beyond imagination—but it’s not just those Italian doctors. It’s all of us who need to be, in this moment, heroes. We need to protect our elderly who are more precious than precious. We need to provide every resource we can. We need to share our homes when it’s appropriate within the context of physical distancing. We need to share our resources, which means our money and our time. We need to share our hearts. We need to join hands. We need to respond to outrageous pain with outrageous love.


Spiritual Sense Making in Times of Crisis2023-06-17T13:51:24-07:00

The Apocalypse of the Modern World-System & Related Possibilities for Democratizing Enlightenment

By Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Zachary Stein

Abstract: Two narratives about the nature of our current historical moment are brought together in the interest of provoking a reconsideration of “collective enlightenment,” or what we term the democratization of enlightenment. World-systems analysis is a transdisciplinary field focused on the evolution and future of the modern world. Leaders in this field have charted long-term limits and end games, placing our current era in the heart of the modern world-system’s epochal and final crises. Esoteric religion and mystical traditions have also located our era at the heart of a world-transformation. From Teilhard de Chardin to Process Theology, a divinely inspired turning point in Earth’s evolution has been argued to be immanent. The process of replacing the modern world-system involves the widespread democratization of enlightenment. Engaging in concrete utopian theorizing, we suggest that tomorrow’s world will involve certain widespread “social miracles”— making enlightenment an everyday thing. Drawing on mythic and biblical imagery, we suggest the apocalypse of the modern world-system will be accompanied by widespread transformations of collective consciousness—a Planetary Awakening through Unique Self Symphonies.

Download the PDF Version of the Paper
The Apocalypse of the Modern World-System & Related Possibilities for Democratizing Enlightenment2023-09-02T06:38:01-07:00

Unique Selves in a Self-Organizing Universe: A Politics of Evolutionary Love by Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Zachary Stein

From an unedited draft of the forthcoming book Towards a New Politics of Evolutionary Love

by Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Zachary Stein

Dixit-Motiwala-unsplashThe core structural principle from Integral Meta-Theory involved in the formation of a Unique Self Symphony is the scientific principle of self-organization. The idea of self-organization is according to many the single most important scientific idea to emerge in the last sixty years. It exists at every level of reality and across all four quadrants. While many scientific accounts focus only on self-organization in systems and structures in biology or cybernetics (i.e., Lower-Right reductionism), there is a whole history of work in psychology and social theory dedicated to modeling how minds and cultures are complex dynamical systems, that evolve and self-organize in remarkable ways.

Multiple scientific fields, when held in an Integral embrace, tell us that self-organization is a basic principle of reality at all levels. Most forms of evolutionary emergence are a function of this ubiquitous tendency of all life and matter toward self-organization. This leads to the idea of an inherently creative cosmos, always evolving and organizing at higher and higher levels. Throughout the evolution of the world it appears that self-organization is often catalyzed via the leveraging of uniqueness. When you look at the emergence of complex processes in nature that display remarkable forms of self-organization, such as an ecosystem like swamp or rainforest, they are always complex symbiotic systems in which there are an endless number of unique niches.

This is why one of the core ideas behind the new politics of outrageous love is enabling self-organization at the level of human culture. So we must ask, what enables self-organization at the level of human culture? The answers is clear and in keeping with both the best of what we know about evolutionary theory and the best of our ideas for political and personal Enlightenment: the catalyst of self-organization in human socio–cultural systems is the Unique Self. Paradoxically, this means that the “shape” every human needs to assume in order to contribute to the creation of a healthy social organism is unique. Strange as it may sound, a just and healthy society needs to “socially engineer” for uniqueness, especially the institutions that shape human personalities and self-understandings: schools, news media, entertainment industries, computer technologies industries, etc. The whole social system would be like an incubator for uniqueness.

Unique Selves in a Self-Organizing Universe: A Politics of Evolutionary Love by Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Zachary Stein2023-09-12T09:57:06-07:00

Dr. Zak Stein on the Global Crises of Measurement

Whose Measures, Whose Future?

By Dr. Zak Stein

The post-modern world is overrun with measures and standards. And although we may not realize it, much of the anomie and injustice of the post-modern lifeworld is a result of the proliferation of measures and standards. Today we do not face the pathology of the “one-dimensional man” who is distorted to fit into one or a few abstract standards (although in some places and institutions, we still face that). The post-modern condition involves the fragmentation humanity, a multi-perspectival personality, refracted through a prism of standardized differentiations and mass-customizations…. Here is more footage from the ITC. The whole video can be purchased through the Meta-Integral Foundation.

I’ve placed the relevant excerpts from the paper below: Stein, Z. (in review). Desperate measures: the global crises of measurement and their meta-theoretical solutions. Paper prepared for the 4th Biannual Integral Theory Conference, Sonoma, CA. July 2015. [pdf] [pdf_slides]

Global Crises of Measurement: Whose Measures, Whose Future?

To help gain an overview the situation with regards to post-modern planetary measurement infrastructures, I’ll follow a common trope in critical meta-theory, from Habermas (1973) and Bhaskar (1993) to Harvey (2014), and talk in terms of a series of crises. What follow are best understood as crisis because they are systemic, endemic, and signal a need for deep structural transformation (in the strictly Wilberian (1995; 1999; 2006) sense of the term, as a need for vertical structural transcendence and reorganization). All of these crises are interconnected, ricocheting between the system and the lifeworld, and around the quadrants and planes of social being. I cannot detail each of the six crises here due to limitations of space, so I offer only overviews and allusions.

Economic crisis: poverty, inequality, and econometrics

It has been known for some time that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a simplistic misrepresentation of the health of any national economy; it is also a poor index of cultural modernity, human rights violations, and democracy (Sen, 1982). Yet GDP continues to be discussed in a serious manner and continues to drive national economic agendas. Similarly, most representations of profit, the so-called bottom line, are also gross simplifications of what makes a company valuable. In both cases a simplistic quantitative index is use in summary, and in place of richer qualitative analysis, or even just a more complex quantitative analysis with multiple parameters.

Zak Stein

Read More on Zak’s Blog
Dr. Zak Stein on the Global Crises of Measurement2023-06-19T10:14:30-07:00

Wisdom for Your Week: Success 3.0 Dialogue with John Mackey & Marc Gafni

Watch and listen to John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and author of Conscious Capitalism (together with Raj Sisodia), and Marc Gafni, Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom and author of many books including Your Unique Self, talk about a new vision of Success for the new millennium.

They track back the many meanings of the word Success and its literature to the beginning of mankind until they conclude that, in the words of Marc Gafni from the dialogue, “it has to be inclusive and at the same time have a hierarchy, meaning it’s got to include the best of traditional, the best of modern, the best of postmodern, the best of 0, 1.0 and 2.0, and yet it’s got to offer something larger.”

Marc Gafni in the dialogue:

“So that’s where we are, success 3.0, an Integral view that’s got to be compelling. It’s got to be an evolutionary attractor. … It’s got to be powerful. It’s got to have alluring quality. It’s got to be an invitation. It’s got to be a myth that’s worthy. It’s got to be a new vision of what the Jedi Knight is. So, Integral 3.0, what might that look like?”

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Stream the video here and read the transcript below:


Marc:  John, good to see you.

John:  Good to see you too, Marc.

Marc:  Success 3.0. So we’re here to kind of map what success might look like, and I was thinking about it this morning as I got up. Do you remember Citizen Kane, that movie, Orson Welles?

John:  Yeah.


Wisdom for Your Week: Success 3.0 Dialogue with John Mackey & Marc Gafni2023-06-19T10:47:14-07:00

Marc Gafni: Success 3.0 – A New Outrageous Love Story & Writing Outrageous Love Letters

Summit 3.0“We need a new success story. We need a new love story. We need a new outrageous love story. And so what we want to try and do structurally, poetically, evocatively, shamanically, in these days is to articulate this new story.” ~ Marc Gafni at the Success 3.0 Summit

Watch these beautiful talks by Marc Gafni from the Success 3.0 Summit:

Success 3.0: A New Outrageous Love Story

From the talk:

I talked before about Archimedes, who said, give me a lever, give me a place to stand, give me a pivot, and I will change the world. And Success—Success 3.0 is our pivot. And what we’re saying is we need a new story when all the other stories have been de-storied. [6:08]

When we live in a postmodern context that says that the only grand narrative is that there are no grand narratives. And that anyone who tries to articulate a grand narrative is viewed as being somehow regressive, the Blue level that John talked about. Right? That level of traditional consciousness. They’ve got—they’ve got grand stories. Rick Warren’s got a grand story. They’ve got a narrative. But we’re like, we don’t do the narrative thing. Right? Our grand narrative is that there is no grand narrative. [6:37]

But what happens is, we then live without a story. We live in a de-storied universe. I have some very good friends who recently moved to Memphis, Tennessee and they have a daughter, and they just put their daughter in preschool. And their daughter goes to a fundamentalist Baptist, beautiful preschool, and these two people are clearly kind of postmodern kind of consciousness, deep believers in science, skeptics. And I said to them, I can’t believe it, like Jan, like Tim, why—why are you sending your daughter to like a Baptist school? And they said, well she comes home, and she’s got like a story. And initially we tried to show her that the story that she had was wrong, and then we looked at each other and we realized we didn’t have a better story to give her. And so we’re sending her there. [7:21]

Like wow! What does that mean, that we don’t have a better story? What does it mean that in the progressive world we’re so lost in our uncertainties—which are wonderful. Our uncertainties are fantastic and beautiful because they are challenging the dogmatic certainties that took us so long to break out of—but then where is our certainty? Where’s our dance between certainty and uncertainty? Where are the certainties that we stand for, that we live for, that we die for, that we’re radically committed to? And so we’ve got this understanding that we have to articulate a new story. [7:57]

We need a new success story. We need a new love story. We need a new outrageous love story. And so what we want to try and do structurally, poetically, evocatively, shamanically, right, is to articulate, right, in these days, right, this new story. Now my tradition—my original native tradition—is Hasidic Kabbalistic and my teacher is the Baal Shem Tov, the Master of the Good Name, who founded the Hasidic movement that came out of the Carpathian Mountains. [8:28]

And in that lineage we tell this story about stories. Apparently when the Baal Shem Tov, the Master of the Good Name, was confronted with a challenge, he would go to a certain place in the forest, and he would light a fire, and he would say words, and it would somehow be okay. When he died, his lineage receiver, the Maggid of Mezritch, would go, right, to that same place in the story, and he would light a fire, but he didn’t know the words, but it was enough. And the crisis would be averted. [8:56]

And then when his student, Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, would face a crisis, he would go to the place in the forest, but he didn’t how to light the fire, he didn’t have the words but he at least at the right place, and it was enough. And when his student, Moshe Leib of Sasov, was confronted again with a crisis, he didn’t know where to go in the forest, and he didn’t know how to light the fire, and he didn’t have the words. But he said, you know, at least—at least I can tell the story. [9:18]

Right? But we’ve forgotten the story. But we’ve lost the narrative thread. And when we lose the narrative thread—when we can’t find Ariadne’s thread—we can’t actually avoid the crisis. We live in a world in which everybody’s talking to each other. Everyone’s engaged, we’re virtually interconnected, but we don’t have a shared story. We don’t have an articulate realization that that which unites us, is so much greater than that which divides us. [9:46]

Download the whole transcript here

Success 3.0 Summit: Outrageous Love Letters

Watch and try the practice of Outrageous Love Letters that Marc introduced during the Summit:

While ordinary love is an emotion, a reaction, and even a strategy of the ego, it is Outrageous Love that is the love that moves the entire process of evolution. So, how can we access the outrageous lover in us? The answer is: by writing outrageous love letters.

Writing and Reading Outrageous Love Letters - Click for more Photos from the SummitIn Marc’s words from his 2nd Summit keynote:

“You can write an Outrageous Love Letter to yourself. You can write it to a friend or a lover. You can write it to Source. But do it outrageously. Do it as reality itself.”

And with that he invited everyone in the room to write an outrageous love letter. The two lines of people wanting to share their letters at the mics were still long when time ran out. People were deeply moved by that experience and practice.

Marc Gafni: Success 3.0 – A New Outrageous Love Story & Writing Outrageous Love Letters2023-06-19T13:01:22-07:00
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