Embodied Eros: Board Member Kristina Kincaid Taking the Teaching to New York City

Flyer Process Group Embodied Eros 2014Board Member Dr. Kristina Kincaid and Cynthia Kagoshima are starting a new Experiental Process Group in New York City on Embodied Eros: The Path of the Outrageous Lover.

This committed group begins October 1st, 2014 and meets bi-monthly Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm.

It is presented by our Teaching Center in New York, the Institute for Integral Evolutionary Tantra, founded a year ago by Kristina Kincaid in collaboration with teacher-in-residence and founder of CIW Dr. Marc Gafni.

For more information on the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute click here.

From the flyer:

Most of us assume that Eros is merely a synonym for sex. It is not. The fact that we often confuse Eros with sex informs us of how distant we are from true erotic engagement. Erotic fulfillment is reached when we expand the realm of Eros beyond the sexual to embrace all of our existence. Indeed the root of the Sanskrit word tantra: tan means “expansion”. True tantric energy expands into all realms of life.

Embodied Eros offers a unique path and practice that opens up and offers insights into how to live ecstatically by awakening our sensual self and sharing this sacred presence with others moment to moment. To be a great Lover–and Outrageous Lover in all facets of our being–we must listen deeply to the simple yet elegant whispering of the sexual.

In this experiential process group join us in mind-bending experiences, Core Energetic techniques, ecstatic study, wild goodness, deep truth, radical personal transformation–and, if you dare, the evolution of your own enlightenment.

“The Sexual is the ultimate Spiritual Master. It is the seat of all wisdom, aliveness and ethics. It models what it means to live an erotically infused life charged with purpose and meaning. The goal is to live erotically, not only in the sexual but in every dimension of life.” Marc Gafni

Dr. Kristina Kincaid is on faculty of The Institute of Core Energetics and holds an M.A. in Energy Medicine and a Doctorate in Theology from Holos University. A graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin. Her passions include the deep mysteries of the body, genetics, and evolution. Her journey has taken her into deep explorations of the feminine and healing around sexuality. She has a healing practice in New York City.


Cynthia Kagoshima is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner and runs a private practice and groups in New York City. She is also on the faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics and the Nyack Living Core Program. She specializes in how to embrace the body and the implicit wisdom and healing it has to impart. Cynthia also holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Madison, WI. She offers her clients a variety of support mechanisms to encourage their growth and success in creating lasting shifts in their lives through customized programs and events.

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Unique Self Coaching Collective Evolves


Barbara Alexander
Master Integral Coach

A new certification program in Unique Self Coaching designed by Integral Master Coaches Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard at the request of Marc Gafni launched its first training in June 2014 as the Unique Self Coaching Collective. The program will run over a 9-month period, with three intensive meetings and nine months of both personal coaching and supervised Unique Self Coaching of volunteer clients.

Claire Molinard

Claire Molinard
Master Integral Coach

The foundation of the training is Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and Marc Gafni’s Unique Self dharma. The process facilitates one diving inward to clarify the front edge of their development and engaging in practices that connect to Creative Source to engage one’s unique potential and embody the stabilized emergence of Unique Self consciousness. Unique Self Coaching Collective Training Brochure 2015-16

The first participants are all experienced in varying degrees of Integral Theory and Unique Self teachings. I am profoundly delighted to be among this professionally diverse, talented and accomplished group of thoughtful and heart-expanding evolutionaries. We are collectively full of praise and gratitude for the elegant and comprehensive program designed and taught by Barbara and Claire.

Future programs are scheduled to begin in the U.S. in June 2015, and in Europe during July 2015. Claire and Barbara recently joined Marc and the amazing Venwoude community for the Summer Festival of Love in Holland. They were honored to be one of the workshop contributors and appreciated the opportunity to introduce their upcoming training to be held at Venwoude starting in July 2015.

Unique Self Coaching website
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A Report from the Summer Festival of Outrageous Love 2014

A Report from the Summer Festival of Outrageous Love 20142023-06-22T07:56:59-07:00

Excitement Builds for Summer Festival of Love – July 26 to August 2, 2014

Summer Festival Icon

Sometimes, people wait to the last minute, and then decide to jump into a major life event because of an inward pull and calling… an impulse that is not to be denied! If you are having this calling regarding our 3rd Annual Mystery School, and our 1st Annual European Integral Wisdom Conference… now is the time to act so you can be at the Summer Festival of Love at the Venwoude Integral Practice Community in Holland, the week of July 26 – August 2.

Many are still carrying the transformative “Loving Your Way to Enlightenment” vibe from the Summer Festival and Mystery School of last year… really fantastic reports of authentic growth and change. Promotional Flyer here—>

Loving Your Way to Enlightenment

Mauk Pieper, Chahat Corten and Dr Marc at the 2013 Summer Festival of LoveWith Marc Gafni leading, our previous Mystery Schools have attracted many participants from all over Europe and the Americas, contributing to the expansion of our European Center for Integral Wisdom faculty, and to a dramatic evolution of CIW teachings and workshop opportunities in the past year. The Summer Festival of Love is truly a signature event among all of the teachings for the year.

There are few spaces left… you may register here.

Register here
Excitement Builds for Summer Festival of Love – July 26 to August 2, 20142022-07-06T03:20:15-07:00

Lori Galperin on Unique Self Recovery & Re-Selfing

Lori Galperin on Unique Self Recovery & Re-Selfing2023-09-12T10:20:56-07:00

The Narrative of Conscious Business by Dr. Marc Gafni

The Narrative of Conscious Business by Dr. Marc Gafni2023-06-22T07:58:11-07:00

Spiritually Incorrect Essentials

Spiritually Incorrect Essentials2023-06-22T08:08:14-07:00

Read About “The Erotic & The Holy” & Get an Audio Course About an Early Version of CosmoErotic Humanism Based on Hebrew Wisdom for FREE

by Dr. Marc Gafni

Reality is Eros.

Eros is the full aliveness of reality living awake in every moment.

Eros has four faces; Eros is to enter the inside of the inside of every moment of every encounter of every situation. Eros is to experience the fullness of presence in every dimension of reality. Eros is to participate in the yearning force of being which is experienced as the ecstatic evolutionary impulse awakening in you, as you and through you. Eros is wholeness, the lived truth of the inner connectivity of the all with the all.

The sexual is a model for the erotic.

The sexual models, in its most epic forms, what it means to live erotically in all of the non-sexual dimensions of our life. The sacred sexual is our teacher, our guide.

Tantra, in Sanskrit, meaning to expand, is the expansion of erotic living, beyond the sexual, into every facet of reality.

Eros is life itself, awake, alive, aware, activist, perfectly still and madly in love.

The following article is adapted from Dr. Marc Gafni‘s audiocourse The Erotic and the Holy.

The fall of the temple symbolises the exile of the Erotic energy. Where did it go? The erotic is exiled in the sexual! We have to understand, that the sexual models the erotic, but it doesn’t exhaust the erotic.

The Four Noble Truths of Eros:

The Sexual Models the Erotic in four major ways. In each of these ways a major face of the eros is modeled in the sexual. The goal of tantra, which in Sanskrit literally means to expand, is to expand these qualities in our lives beyond the merely sexual into every arena of our lives. The goal of tantra is to live erotically in all of the non sexual dimensions of being.


The first is the way of interiority. It is in the sacred positions of the erotic sexual entered and received as the highest form of practice, embraced as surrender to love, that all the false positions we covet in life are revealed as the paltry fare of pseudo Eros. A fare which leave the soul parched and desperate for true nourishment. It is in the erotic sexual that we are most obviously invited to fully abandon the superficial games of fractured ego and fragmented identity, enter the interior castle of reality. It is only on the inside of reality that your heart is set free and you are able to see deeper then the flatland of surface vision. Eros is Interiority modeled by the sexual.


The second is the way of Presence. The erotic sexual invites us to a realm which we do not recognize easily in our daily struggles to prove that we exist. In the erotic sexual existence is a given. We feel beyond feeling to the deepest feeling where our existence is radiant and alive- obviously not in need of explanation. It simply and joyously is. Eros is our opening to the fullness, alive and alove presence, that always is, always will be and always is. This opening is modeled by the sexual.

God is Shechina. Shechina in many Zoharic passages means Presence or Eros. Eros is Presence. The Shechina is always present, alive in and as everything. Most people never enter the healing expanse of the Shechina which is all around and in them because they are contracted into false hopes. They are building edifice complexes to the survival of their brand. They are lost in the superficial pleasure which is mere sex.

One can have sex one’s entire life and never ravished open to Shechina. So people settle for a family and white picket fence not as manifestation of Shechina but as protection against the emptiness of a life in which they are never lived by God. One can either die open to God, to Ayin, to Sunyatta, in the fullness of the erotic sexual and in every minute of existence, or spend life running from your petty death which can never be outrun. Life means to be fully present without clinging to past, resisting the present or grasping for the future. In such a life eternity is realized.

You can either be present as love or be absent and suffer. In Hebrew mysticism, exile is called “Egypt.” “Mitzrayim Egypt” literally means the place of narrowness, the place where you heart closes. When you close you suffer. Israel is called Merchavim, the wide place, the vast expanse, the place where you open. Redemption is opening in love. It is the sexual that models this opening for us. There is really only one choice to make, to open and live or close and die. Openness is presence. Closure is absence.

If you close, if you clench your fist to hold on to your comfort you will be betrayed. Everything you know as your life will one day disappear. To have is to close. To be is to open. To be or not to be is to open or to close. To be a human having or a human being. To be always and ever alive or already dead.

Can you feel it as you read. You can, can you not. The love and openness pouring through you, arousing you to cry out in rapture. And you must do this even as you suffer; and at some point the suffering will yield to tears and then to bliss. “I am open,” you must cry out. Take me God. Take me now.

Let yourself open all the way and know that only then, in your radical openness and vulnerability are you safe. Protect your balls and they will be crushed. Again the sexual models the erotic which is the holy.

If you get lost in Egypt, in the narrow images of your constructed reality you will never touch joy and never experience rapture. You can either die to Shechina in ecstatic pleasure moans of ecstasy, or whimper, die and rot in the earth. Teaches the Hassidic master the Maggid of Mezritch, late in this life, revising his earlier ascetic dharma, ‘If you only feel the Shekina in the arousal of your sex then you are already dead. If the arousal of your sex ravishes you open to God you are being born.’ Sex models the fullness of presence. The lover in Psalms says to the God who is the all, in what for the Kabbalists is understood as a blatantly sexual moment, “Open for me your gates…I will enter them…I will moan your praise.” The sexual models the erotic. Love is beyond limitation. Limitation is death and love is death to be born. Love without limitation and be surrender absolutely and your will be born to your true ecstatic nature.

In the erotic sexual we show up, we are present in ways we barely even imagine possible in the routines of our daily pettiness. Every gesture, every caress, every shiver of our body, every fleeting touch is invested with the infinite love fullness of alive presence.


The third way is the way of wholeness. In the erotic sexual we realize that we are so much more then pathetic egos encapsulated in skin which will one day rot under the earth. We realize that invisible lines of connection weave of in an awesome and gorgeous tapestry of wholeness which is holiness. The wholeness of reality expressed in the interconnectivity of being glimmers in the fabric of our sensual couplings. Subject and object laugh when they remember their apparent alienation. In the sensuality of their laughter which embraces all paradox and nullifies all illusion, wholeness is achieved as subjectivity and objectivity dissolve into oneness which is love. Eros is the realization of wholeness modeled by the sexual.


The fourth way is the way of yearning. In the erotic sexual we are invited, even driven to taste of the sweet nectar of this wholeness which heals all of the painful splits, through the magic of yearning. We yearn to merge with other knowing that it is in the union that full rapture and ecstasy wait. Eros is the participation in the yearning force of being seeking to realize itself for the sake of itself. Once again the sexual models the erotic.


As we have said, the model for being an erotic lover – in all facets of our existence – is the sexual. I see you and you are gorgeous, magnetically dazzling, to me. I yearn for you – all of me wants to break down and dissolve the barriers between us, to enter the inside, where the world stands still for a moment, and I am inside the chrysalis of all reality. You-nified.

Since being a lover is modeled on the sexual, we understand that love too is a perception. Moreover, love is a Perception-Identification Complex. I perceive the infinite specialness, the God point in you, and identify that highest point in you as the Real You.

In the understanding of the quantum spirit, I understand that my perception not only discloses a reality that exists, it actually brings this particular reality into existence. “I love you” means both “I perceive you in your beauty” and “You become even more beautiful under my gaze.” Remember, love is a verb. So just as when I shine shoes, they become shinier, when I love you, you become lovelier.

Built into our spiritual hardwiring is a great desire to realize the beauty and divinity that is our birthright. The experience of falling in love is a true perception of this. It allows us a glimpse of union; of what life might be when the thick walls of ego dissolve. We understand, nevertheless, that those walls will always be raised again.

Though but a poetic paradox, it is true that that which is razed, will be only raised again. Ego separation will, sooner or later, always snap back into place. It is precisely at this time, that the real work of loving begins. We seek, by doing the work, to reclaim the heights we glimpsed in the initial ecstasy. Those heights, and even greater ones.

Get the Audio Course on “The Erotic & The Holy” for Free HERE
Read About “The Erotic & The Holy” & Get an Audio Course About an Early Version of CosmoErotic Humanism Based on Hebrew Wisdom for FREE2023-06-20T11:52:15-07:00

The New Living Expo – Future of Spirituality Panel 2014

NLEbanner-300x295This year Marc Gafni returns to the 13th Annual New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA to join Raz Ingrazi, and Lisa Schrader, Sheva Carr, and Arjuna Ardagh on a panel called “The Future of Spirituality: Connecting Community Through Mind, Body, Spirit“.

The panel will be moderated by honored teacher and Wisdom Council member Arjuna Ardagh.

“More and more people today describe themselves as “spiritual” while at the same time turning away from the religions and traditions of the past. As we expand beyond patriarchal and dogmatic way of exploring our true nature and our deepest potential, everything is up for reexamination. What is “enlightenment,” and does it have any fixed meaning? Is spiritual practice and expression the same for men and women? Is there any real conflict between a deep spiritual life and involvement in money and the world? What is the relationship between spiritual awakening and social and political action? Are sexuality and intimate relationship a barrier to true awakening, or a portal for deepening?”

“The Future of Spirituality” panel is on Sunday, April 27 at 1-2:30pm in Room 7.

The New Living Expo is a weekend event from event held April 25-27th at the San Mateo Event Center (1346 Saratoga Drive).

We hope you’ll come by for this important conversation!

For over 25 years the New Living Expo has brought healing, enlightenment, education and wonder to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Expo draws learners, changers and explorers of alternative thinking and being. The 10,000+ crowd is diverse, engaged, and looking for new and different products and businesses to support their innovative thinking and lifestyles.

The New Living Expo – Future of Spirituality Panel 20142022-07-06T03:20:15-07:00

The World is a Waiting Lover: Article by Dr. Marc Gafni

The World is a Waiting Lover: Article by Dr. Marc Gafni2023-06-22T07:52:37-07:00

Dharma Jam Outrageous Acts of Love – Apr 19, 2014

Dharma_InviteTbird Luv and Dr. Marc Gafni have teamed up in the creation of a new series of Dharma Party events, during which she and Marc bring dharma, music, empowerment and outrageous calls to action to awesome crowds of movers and shakers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of you may know board member Tbird Luv from some of the Center’s events over the past year (such as the 2013 World Spirituality retreat at Esalen, and the SF Dharma Circles), where she has brought her unique music to Dr. Marc Gafni‘s teachings, and her collaborative brilliance to other projects with the Center.

A Dharma Party is Not just another event that leaves behind GREAT memories. Instead, those present have a chance to get inspired, and to strategically design the future with aligned relationships and projects that have the potential to make the world a better place.

Here is the invitation to the 2nd Dharma Party – coming up next week on April 19 which was sent to a list of Bay Area locals who attended the 1st one. If you want to be invited to this Dharma Party – or any of the next ones! – let us know here. We want you there!

Knock Knockdharmaparty1.7

Are you coming to the next Dharma Jam Outrageous Love Hub April 19th 7pm sharp? We’ve got more work and play to do together.

These last months, Marc Gafni and I have poured energy into creating a platform for you and us to co-creatively establish MORE outrageous acts of love in response to the pain happening in the world.

Three months ago we joined with over 100 of The Bay area’s finest in social innovation, social justice, technology and business, the performing and healing arts and spirituality – to start the conversation of collaboratively building a beautiful world together.


Tbird Luv & Dr. Marc Gafni
Photos courtesy of Lily Dong

We ate, drank wine, listened to great music and reflected on our purpose through the transmission of dharma.

What’s Next?

What to Expect on April 19th:

Like I mentioned in January, the Outrageous Acts of Love Dharma Parties are dedicated to and created for folks like you doing amazing work in the world.

It is an INVITE ONLY private gathering. Be prepared to meet – face to face – in real depth – at least twenty NEW Dynamic PEOPLE who – if you so choose and delight – might become your partners, sacred collaborators, your outrageous love cohort. This will also be a celebration and more than just a good time.

We will make sure that you will have plenty of time to network, get your groove on, shine your radiance and get to know who’s in the room.

With an element of surprise, this will Not be just another event that leaves behind GREAT memories. Instead, you’ll have a chance to get inspired and strategically design the future with aligned relationships and projects that make the world a better place – if you so choose.

Outcomes of This Event Include:

  • To self organize and establish working partnerships
  • To instigate collaborations between aligned partners, players and participants under the umbrella of Dharma
  • To create viral Outrageous Acts of Love Globally
  • To experiment and explore creative ideas between us
  • To Play and have FUN together

More organic tapas and drinks, live music will be provided for your pleasure. We’re also building an online presence for those of you of who’d like to continue to find one another, communicate and create.

Here’s a video clip from the 1st Dharma Party in January, 2014:

See you on the 19th.

PS…you are absolutely welcomed to bring guests and invite those who feel aligned with this magic.

Big Love,

Tbird Luv, Marc Gafni and The Center for Integral Wisdom

Dharma Jam Outrageous Acts of Love – Apr 19, 20142022-07-06T03:20:15-07:00

2014 Summer Festival with Mystery School and 1st European Integral Wisdom Conference on Love, Eros, and Enlightenment

Discover the hidden secrets that can guide YOU and millions of people in finding Love, Personal Greatness and Enlightenment.
We feel great Potential inside us. Many people are Seekers, but very few bring their true Potential into embodied reality.

Everybody is looking but so few find it. It is a dream unfulfilled.

It’s a yearning, we can imagine it, we can feel it, we can taste it, but we just don’t know how to get there!

WHY do we keep missing the point?

We are approaching the essence of our Fullness through the ‘wrong’ door. We have exiled the most important access point to our power, to our aliveness, to our intelligence, through just one aspect of our Being.

‘You try to squeeze light into your parched Being from a source as fruitful as a dried date pit, that even a bird is wise enough to spit out,’ is what the Sufi poet Hafiz tells us.

Let’s explain what we mean!

There is something so obvious, so powerful and so close to us that we overlook it completely. Even when we tell you what it is, you’ll hesitate because there is a huge veil of cultural misinformation around it.

By itself, this quality wants to nourish all parts of our lives! But if we narrow it down, if we exile it into one part of our life, it will show up as a shadow quality causing a lot of pain in our world.

It is EROS that is the power that drives and nurtures our whole society, and indeed, our very existence.

Eros contains all of the wisdom, all of the power, all of the intelligence, all of the strategy, all of the capacity that you need to live a successful, meaningful, alive, and gorgeous existence.

Eros is not just in the sexual! Eros being interpreted as only about sexuality is a profound misinterpretation, and when we stay stuck in that narrow definition, it limits our life force and creativity, blocking us from leading an inspiring and successful life!

Saying ‘My life is very erotic’ is not the most obvious way to express the fact that you have an inspiring and successful life!

Eros is not just an expression of limited physical sex. Eros is the core nature of every moment of reality. LIFE ITSELF IS EROTIC! Reality itself is erotic!

We need to liberate Eros from its exile to the sexual, and thus liberate its energy for us to experience in ALL aspects of our lives!!

It is the Liberation of Eros that is our purpose at the Mystery School of Love this summer in Holland, July 26 to August 2.

This summer…

…God – Goddess Willing…

…our Mystery School of Love will have two hundred Seekers

reclaiming Eros from exile, expanding their capacity for Love, Creativity and Success in Purposeful Living.

We are going to…

with the Grace of She…

…change the source code of Eros in the heart of the Kosmos.

We will be… with total humility and total audacity… loving each other outrageously… a think tank on the outside… and a band of outrageous lovers in our interiors!!

Those of you who know Marc know that he likes to call this…

“A vision of the patterns that connect, that catalyzes the evolution of love.”

Marc Gafni:

‘We will engage Pleasure and Eros in a whole different way.

We will move beyond shame in a way that works across the memetic code.

Or as I said to beloved Ken Wilber, summarizing our dialogue this week on Integral Sexuality:

“What is shame but pleasure which stops short of infinity?”

Or as one master said about fear, “What is fear but love that stops short of infinity?”

And… This will be the first European Annual Integral Wisdom Conference … Wow!!!!

We are honored to invite YOU to the
3rd Summer Festival of LOVE!

And the First Annual European Integral Wisdom Conference on
Love, Eros, and Enlightenment.
July 26th – August 2 at the Venwoude Retreat Center in the Heart of Europe
The first two years of our International Festival of Love, at the wonderful Venwoude Integral Practice Community in Holland, were so surprisingly alive, deep and groundbreaking, that we cannot continue our journey without letting YOU know what we are up to this year. We are especially inviting you, being in one way or the other part of the Integrally informed Community.

The Festival of Love has grown from 80 to 150 participants and now we are ready and prepared to hold 200 people. Without exaggeration we can say that the Field of Love and Holding that emerges from this Festival is profound. People reported after both events that they experienced deep states of awakening that lasted for weeks and/or a profound deepening of their insight.
Start each day with the morning practice of your choice: yoga, mondozen meditation, breath work and bodywork, if you want to start your day energetic. Or take a quiet walk by yourself in our stunning woodlands.

The combination of deep Dharmic space, opened in the morning and held by Master of the Heart Dr.Marc Gafni, a variety of great workshops, with great teachers in the afternoon, an invitation to exercise in pairs during the day, has in the passed two years been the great igniting force to an open heart, a clear mind and a natural flow of love among all that are joining.

The night-times will also come alive and will be high energy experiences created by dance-master Kareem, the rhythmic kick-ass-Tom-Baur-Band, musicians, artists and DJ’s. (A new special event will take place on several evenings which we want to keep a surprise for you!)

Add to this, small family gatherings, the possibility of individual sessions, massages, a hot tub, awesome and healthy organic food, beautiful nature, dance parties and musical events!

Don’t miss being part of this once a year International Summer Event of the Mystery School of Love.

Information and Registration

(Early bird until May 1st)

2014 Summer Festival with Mystery School and 1st European Integral Wisdom Conference on Love, Eros, and Enlightenment2022-07-06T03:20:15-07:00

Special Community Lineage Days at Venwoude and Conscious Capitalism Event at Nijenrode University

We just completed a very special series of events at our Teaching Center at Venwoude in Holland. Dr. Marc Gafni taught two Valentine’s Day events in a very beautiful church in Amsterdam. This was followed by a wonderful and very intimate two-day retreat at Venwoude on Saturday and Sunday. Capping off the 4-day weekend, we had an outstanding presentation at Nijenrode University on Conscious Capitalism with Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Ken Wilber (via Skype) in front of 150 enthused Entrepreneurs.

Valentine’s Day at Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Marc Gafni at Vondelkerk AmsterdamA packed house of people celebrated Valentine’s Day in an old beautiful Church in Amsterdam with Dr. Marc’s Dharma on Outrageous Love. It was a day of profound new dharma, deep practices, and a stunning community of Outrageous Lovers. Dr. Marc took us deeply into a practice space with dyad practices, chanting, and intimate sharing. The evening session seemed to explode–after a very quiet and subtle beginning with hearts meeting in Chant and Meditation and finally and melting open into the Inside of the Inside–with a fireworks of Dharma on Outrageous Love and Unique Intimacy.

Everybody was deeply touched, and many decided to join us for the upcoming Summer Festival of Love at Venwoude…from July 26th to August 2nd, 2014…that this year will also be the First Annual Integral Wisdom Conference on Relationships and Sexuality.

Two days of deep immersion into the “Lineage Energies”

Marc Gafni in the Venwoude LibraryThe following weekend was our first annual lineage event at the Venwoude retreat center who is our deep partner and where Marc serves as the World Spirituality Teacher in Residence. We dialed in directly to the source lineage of Unique Self teaching in two intimate and intense days of teaching. Our group practice was held in a very special and sacred place: the Library at the heart of Venwoude, which was packed and vibrantly intimate as Marc immersed us in Story-Telling, Lineage Practices and Chant–drawing especially from the Lineages of Hebrew Mysticism, Kabbalah, and Chassidim.

As one participant, Claire Molinard, posted a couple of days later on Facebook: “I am still basking in the sacred space of lineage transmission from these two magic days in Venwoude. Deep bow and gratitude to Marc Mordechai Gafni and all the wonderful people at Venwoude International.”

Conscious Capitalism at Nijenrode University with Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Ken Wilber (per Skype)

Marc Gafni, Mauk Pieper & Paul de Blot at Nijenrode University

Marc Gafni, Mauk Pieper & Paul de Blot at Nijenrode University

This week of European teaching was then capped with a shockingly outstanding evening in a packed auditorium at Nijenrode Business University, Hollands leading business school. The event featured two fabulous talks by Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni. Ken gave a brilliant talk on the nature of Integral business which was met by wildly enthusiastic intellectual and emotional appreciation by all of the participants. It was a landmark talk which is sure to set a new standard for this conversation world over.

The event was hosted by 89-year-old Business Sage Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot. Marc referred to him as –a true “living Master Yoda”, honoring his life’s work of establishing in Holland the entire field of Business & Spirituality and writing about it long before anybody had ever thought about Conscious Capitalism. The event started with more dramatic Dharma fireworks by Dr. Marc Gafni. Drawing connections, engaging hearts and minds, and quoting freely from at least 20 different books while always bringing it back to the core questions he asked passionately: “Who are you? And are you willing to play a larger game?” A strong and resounding “YES,” completely shook the room!

Marc then outlined ten core principles of what he called “outrageous entrepreneurship” which completely re-defined the role of the entrepreneur in the modern world. Marc gave enormous honor to Paul De Blot, to John Mackey and Raj Sisosdia’s work on Conscious Capitalism, and to Ken Wilber and his vision of Integral theory. What was really beautiful was the significant personal honor that Marc gave to all of three of them before launching into his talk. Building upon their work, Marc then gave a stunningly original and ground breaking talk which pretty much left everyone speechless. Prof. de Blot then gave a wonderful talk and presented his meta-perspective on the evolution of consciousness. In the following Question & Answer session, Marc again warmly expressed full honor to Prof. de Blot, and added his own perspectives.

The evening ended with a question about the dangers and opportunities of the Internet. Dr. Marc gave a brief introduction to his newly formed ideas on Digital Intimacy (Stay tuned to our new Portal and Project!) that he is developing together with the amazing Embodied artist Megwyn White – followed by standing ovations and then networking with wine and snacks in a wonderfully open atmosphere. Professor de Blot and Dr. Marc expressed their deepest thanks to Mauk Pieper, Director for Integral Wisdom Europe, for organizing this wonderful day. Thank you, Mauk!

Special Community Lineage Days at Venwoude and Conscious Capitalism Event at Nijenrode University2022-07-06T03:20:15-07:00

Love Letter Samples

Love Letter Samples2023-06-22T08:14:25-07:00

Integral Religion by Dr. Marc Gafni

Integral Religion by Dr. Marc Gafni2023-06-22T08:06:12-07:00
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